My husband and I

I met my husband when I was 20 years old, and he was 19. He was playing his guitar at The OSU folk singing club, and I was singing. I had ambitions to learn to play the guitar but it never happened.  I could learn the chords, but my strumming was not the best.

So there we were. I was wearing my black long sleeved shirt,  and my striped pants. My hair was long and frizzy. I looked like I came out of “Woodstock.”

He was very skinny, good-looking, wearing a drab olive shirt , and a pair of  blue jeans. He hesitantly came up to me, and asked,” Do I know you from school?” I could tell he was shy. In those days, I thought I was cute and I was a little flip. When he told me his whole name, I said the sensitive words, “you have to be kidding, is that really your name?”

Little did I know that someday I would share his last name.  Not only his last name, but the first name of my sister-in-law. Was that justice?

So, later on, we went on our first date. He was fun, and we laughed a lot together. He was a creative guy, one with cool ideas, and stories to tell. I had fun with him. He had fun with me.

After awhile, I decided maybe it was too intense. We were too young, so we broke up. I can still see us. At the time, I was smoking cigarettes, and the inside of his yellow dart became all smoky. He took a cigarette and was puffing too. (Although he hated smoking). It was almost comical. I don’t think I really meant to completely break up with him, but he took the hint. So, we didn’t see each other for a year.

Later, on a whim, I called him up,  and we got together again. We fell in love, and got married, and maybe we were too young. But we’ve been together all these years. We’ve been through a lot of hards times, but it’s been outweighed by the good times.

We had three kids together. He was a better disciplinarian although he never raised his voice. He could get them in and out of the bathtub in record time. He’d make them call when they were going to be late. They listened to him, and still do. (Even though they are all independent, and quite capable of thinking for themselves.)

We’ve never run out of conversation. (Anyone who knows us will agree that we disagree a lot, especially about politics.) But there’s still something fun and exciting there.

The great thing is that even though we’re older, I can still look at him, and see that 19 year old. It is a cool thing.


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