Today, being 61 is not a real great place to be, but I have 62 to look forward to in 5 months.

I originally was going to talk about how great life can be in your 60’s, but I had the nerve to look in the mirror today. I don’t see me. I see a much older woman who definitely reminds me of my mother, worse my grandmother,

My eyelids seemed to have disappeared, and I have frown lines. It is not a pretty picture. I heard you can get your eyelids lifted for free if you get an opthomalogist to say it’s blocking  your vision.

But underneath it all, is myself. I could look worse I guess.  I could look like me in 10 years.

It’s been awhile since I felt cute. I remember getting whistled at by construction workers and hating it. What i’d give for a whistle or two now.

Is it possible to turn back the clock?  Every time I go to the park, and see everyone running, I think–they’re just trying to outrun time and it’s not going to work.Time is going to get them sooner or later.

Also, losing 40 pounds or so would really help. I’ve tried, but then I figure who cares?

So, I’m going to start working on myself, starting with this blog. Finding inspiration, finding motivation. Why let the years keep going by and doing nothing to improve things.


5 thoughts on “Today, being 61 is not a real great place to be, but I have 62 to look forward to in 5 months.

  1. I am turning sixty-one this week. I took new photos this morning…I’ll pick one for my blog to post on my birthday. I probably took 100 shots. There’s maybe three that I like. But I’m concentrating on those three. I’ll throw away the others. That’s my recommended philosophy!

  2. 61? I’m 68. I don’t feel that old. Mentally that is. My body feels it though. With fibromyalgia and arhtritis, I live in constant pain. It is worse when the weather is bad. I still keep going because if I quit I will stiffen up so I can’t move. Writing helps me cope. When I’m lost in a story, I forget about the pain. I dont have a photo on my blogspot. I’m still learning to blog.

  3. I think this is AWESOME you writing this blog! I will turn 61 later this year….I don’t feel my age and there are times when I look in the mirror and see my old face without the droopy eyelids or the jaws hanging down or the “chicken neck” 🙂 You are a very talented writer Barb……I think you should turn this into a book!

  4. I’m 61 but I still feel like I could make a valuable contribution if only I knew who needed me. I have become so isolated now that I dont go out to work, and somehow, all my friends have gone to other places. How do I get a life again?

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