Singing my blues away!

Singing is a great thing to do if you enjoy it! There’s no age limit on this activity. It always brings me up when I’m feeling down.

I  did some singing when I was younger, but didn’t take it up again until I was 42. I joined a group called Koleinu. It’s a Hebrew word that has to do with sharing music together. One of the things we have in common is our Jewish heritage.

I look around  the group and there are some of the same members. We’ve all evolved and changed, but we’re basically the same people we were twenty years ago. Okay, twenty years has to make a little difference. (Unless you get some work done!)

Some people were new to the group this season, and felt welcomed right away.

We’ve sung all over Columbus:  a Crew’s game, The Ohio State Fair,  nursing homes, festivals, and even the local prison. Talk about an appreciative audience. It was nice to leave after we were done singing. (Even though they had committed crimes, I felt a little guilty leaving them locked up!)

A couple of years ago we went  to Israel together, and it was a beautiful experience. We went to a hillside, and sung  Samachti (about Israel).  That gave me goosebumps.  We met other choral  groups from Israel, and got to sing with them. It was so much different from a tour where you sit on a bus and act passively.

When you join a group like this, they begin to feel like a part of your family. You don’t have to be a member for 20 years to get to feel this way. There’s something special about singing the same words with one voice. You can start feeling close after one season.

I’m a member of a few other singing groups. It’s one way to meet people, and share experiences. Paid work is not the only way to feel useful.

Your not going to meet new people by sitting around your house, so go out and follow a passion. It can be anything. Singing, art, cooking, traveling…be creative. Make sure it’s something you like to do.

I notice people are still hung up with childhood labels.” I’m not good enough,etc.” By now you should be past all that. Nobody is going to give you grades. Chances are, if you were that bad at something you really wouldn’t want to do it anyway.

Singing is something that’s brought me joy, and maybe it can bring it to you too!

2 thoughts on “Singing my blues away!

  1. I so enjoyed SINGING YOUR BLUES AWAY. Do you think you would be interested in reworking it a bit and entering it into my TALES2INSPIRE contest? It’s a great way to get some good exposure for yourself as a writer. The Deadline date is March 14th, so it is coming up fast.

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    Hope to hear from you.

    Lois W. Stern

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