Good friends can bring you joy

The older you get, the more you realize material possessions don’t mean much. You get a new car, it smells new, it’s pretty and in 20 minutes you’re used to it. You get some new clothes, you wear them once and you’re used to them.

You buy a new pair of earrings or necklace. People are  really complimenting them, not you. You’re not shining any more naturally, so you need a little help.

There is nothing like good friends. If you find good people to surround yourself with it’s worth more than material possessions can ever mean. They will listen to you when you’re in pain, they will keep you going through tough times. Laughing is a good thing to do with a friend.

Sometimes, if they’re friends you’ve had for a long time, you share a history. Treasure those friends because they’re few and far between.

Instead of looking for possessions to make you happy, look for friends. If you choose carefully, you will not get tired of them. They can keep you happy for decades.

When you’re older, sometimes you have to push yourself to meet people. There are places to go where you can meet people. There are  tons of meetups online, http//,  where people go to meet people.  I’ve joined several, and the people are great. If you share an interest, age doesn’t really matter.

Most universities have programs for senior citizens. If your 60, you can audit classes for free. What’s better then learning something new, and not having to worry about the grades your getting? Learning for the sake of learning. It’s a great way to meet people too!

I went to a writer’s conference at a community college. I was worried about being the oldest one there. I fit right in! Everyone was about my age. I felt comfortable, and  I made some great contacts.

There are Senior Centers where you can do activities: exercise, painting, dance, and all kinds of activities. You might think that’s just for old people, but take a look in the mirror.  Sometimes the people there might be the same age as you. You never know unless you try!

Columbus, Ohio, has a cultural arts center. They have great facilities for making jewelry, taking painting classes, pottery, and every mode of art that you can imagine. I’m sure there’s places like that nation-wide.

Not to mention exercise. That can do so much for you. It makes you feel terrific.   Join a health club. If you can’t lift weights, or play tennis anymore, you can go into the pool. There’s water aerobics, and even water bikes. Attend a cycling class ―in the water! After you work off all those calories, go to lunch together.

Why is it so difficult to admit you’re older? Baby boomers are such a large part of the population. We’ve made so many things cool and great. Why not make getting older the thing to do, and making and keeping friends a cool great thing to do!

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