Tattoos, Piercings, and other Bizarre Human Art

The other day I went to Walgreens to shop. I looked up at the cashier, and couldn’t help but notice the loop around her nostrils. I could see into her nose, something that wasn’t exactly pretty. And why were they allowing her to greet customers like that?

I have gotten used to the little piercings on the nose. I even think they’re  cute in a way. But why would someone wear a loop going up their nose?

Ear piercing is cute, but the giant holes that people put in their ears in hard for me to understand.  I was standing in line behind a guy in the airport, and the only thing I noticed were the huge gaping holes he had in his ears. It was gross.

I go to my aerobics water class, and the instructor in her late 40’s, is displaying a belly piercing. Although she is basically in good shape, she does have the tummy flab. It just doesn’t look right. Belly piercing just doesn’t go with middle age. Or does it? Am I being old-fashioned?

I kind of like the little tattoos people put in discrete places. I’ve even considered doing it myself. A  little butterfly here or there. Okay, maybe if I was younger, I would’ve done it myself.

I can even see the reason to commemorate an important message, like love for a person or an important message to yourself. I’m trying to be a little open here.

But  I don’t get the art all up and down people’s arms where you can’t see their skin anymore? Are they trying to get attention? Is it an obsession? What if you grow out of it someday? Then, what are you going to do?

I especially feel badly when I see an older person, like myself, whose tattoo is stretched out and faded. You wonder how they feel about it now. It would make it impossible to disengage from the past.

This all reminds me of the primitive civilizations where they stretch their necks, put plates in their lips, and do other bizarre things to their body.  Are we going back in time?

body modification (tattoo, piercing, implant)

Why would someone do this?

But, on the other hand, a little butterfly would be nice!

You never know!

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