Project Runway All Stars: Speeding Up the Creative Process

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If you’re a fan of “Project Runway,” you’re  probably loving Project Runway All Stars.

In case you’re not familiar with Project Runway, it’s the television show where people are forced to create fashion with limited budgets and time. Sometimes they are required to create fashions out of odd materials.

There are a panel of judges who decide which contestant goes home. It gets down to three contestants who make fashion collections. The one deemed the best by the judges wins the competition.

The producers of Project Runway All Stars started out by  featuring 13 of their most talented designers from Project Runway, and pitting them against each other.

As of March 15, the remaining contestants were:  Mondo, Michael, and Austin.  All of them are talented and it’s fascinating to watch them create clothes under pressure. If they win, they will claim a pile of money plus some other goodies.

In the last challenge they only had four days to create 5 looks. At the last-minute a 6th look was added. Fortunately, they received help from some contestants that were already eliminated. They were forced to use fabric from past creations.

My favorite designer is Mondo. He has an uncanny ability to match up prints and think of great ideas. During the last show, he used a therapy theme because he was feeling depressed over the challenge. I loved the design featuring the Rorschach test . He has a quirky style and an endearing personality.

Austin makes glamorous clothes that would be fun to wear. He seems like a kind guy, but at the same time he plays the diva. He also takes over and leads when necessary.

The last competitor is Michael. He makes chic clothes, but unfortunately, he doesn’t leave room for a bra. (This omission is upsetting the judges.) Michael’s smile lights up the TV screen and he plays the peacemaker when people get upset.

Why I like this show

I admire people who can think outside the box, and demonstrate their creativity. I enjoy watching them create, and the end product is usually fabulous. The show also mirrors life. We may not all be creative, but we’ve all had to overcome obstacles.

Why this show makes me squirm

The judges can be cruel when they critique people and send them home. Who hasn’t been hurt by being rejected at one time or another? Unfortunately, that’s part of life too.

Who do you want to win? Why do you think reality shows are so popular? Do they serve a purpose?

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