Smokers: At least don’t smoke in the park

Today I went into the park as I frequently do in the morning. So, what do I see? The same nice looking man sitting on a park bench, reading a book, and smoking his cigarettes. When he finishes one, he starts another. I know this because after I’m finishing my walk, he’s usually lighting up another one.

He’s there every time I go to the park. He obviously knows how to read. (That does take a certain amount of intelligence).  At the same time he’s sucking on his cigarette and blowing out all the carcinogens out into the fresh air.

He is doing it in full view of everyone starting a 1.4 path jogging path. Explain to me why someone in this day and age would be engaging in this lousy habit? And out in public? He knows he’s going to get bad looks from people jogging around the path. Maybe he’s a masochist, and wants people to give him sidelong looks?

If I could write him a note this is what I’d say!

Letter to Mr. Smoker

Dear Mr. Smoker,

Why do people come to a park? Maybe to get healthy, and enjoy the environment.  Not to watch you destroy your body.  Not to take a whiff of your smelly cigarette.

If you’re going to smoke go in your house, lock the door behind you, and smoke to your heart’s content. But don’t do it in the park! You don’t want to expose the squirrel birds, turtles, and little kids to your  second-hand smoke.

Why not just put on a big  cardboard billboard that says: I don’t care about myself.

Please don’t violate my park, or yourself with this nasty habit.


Little old lady who enjoys the park

Nothing worse than an ex-smoker

When I was in my 20’s, I did smoke.  I knew it was bad for me, but I did it anyway. I didn’t have any trouble quitting after I got asthma every time I took a drag on my cigarette. I couldn’t breathe. That made up my mind for me. There’s nothing worse than being unable to take in air. I was actually in the bathroom, turning on the hot water, and using the steam to breathe. I finally got it. It really wasn’t good for me!

I’ve never regretted smoking that last cigarette. And I can breathe without wheezing. And the best part: I’m still alive!

What’s Wrong with Smoking: It’s a free country

In case you live in the dark ages, and want to know why smoking really is bad for you, take a look at the CDC Statistics on why cigarettes aren’t good for you. It’s on the blog roll. (What is really disturbing is that high school kids are still picking up that first cigarette.)

It contributes to every kind of cancer, causes premature death, and hurts every vital organ in your body.

It doesn’t help when TV cable shows glamorize it. Mad Man, and Shameless are two cable shows that come to mind. I guess that tobacco industry still has a big presence. Too bad they can’t make gas out of tobacco.

Don't you just want to put this in your lungs?

Maybe someday, it will be outlawed altogether. That wouldn’t bother me at all.

What do you think?

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7 thoughts on “Smokers: At least don’t smoke in the park

  1. When I was in high school, a lot of the smoker kids smoked at the park. I think they went to the park because they obviously couldn’t smoke at home. Either way, it’s just horrible.

    I agree, I wish smoking can be outlawed all together.

    Please check out my blog
    I’d love to hear what you think about it 🙂

    getPHYT, Exercise Your Mind.

  2. I am 18 years smoke free. I don’t get “in your face” when it comes to others who smoke, but I do like to ensure they know if the smoke is bothering me. I also don’t like butts laying around. With that being said, I know I was guilty of the garbage issue too. I am glad that the smoking habit is behind me. This may open a can of worms, but the destruction from some of the other vices in the world can be worse than tobacco.

  3. thanks for your comment. I am wondering if I’m being too hard on people who smoke outside. Do they have a right to do that even if they’re hurting themselves in the process? Do people think it ruins the environment? Comments anyone?

  4. I would rather they smoke outside. They are not contributing anywhere near the amount of pollutants many other things in our environment do. We all pay the price for tobacco use when the medical system is used as a result of it. Then again, we also pay when the other vices cause spin off medical expenses too. I do not think there is a quick, cut and dry answer to the debate. You brought up a good conversation Barbara.

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