Rainbows are Always Special

Rainbows are magical to me!Today when I saw a rainbow, I thought about my mother. I was with my mother when I saw my very first rainbow. I was about four years old. We hurried out the front door to look at it. It made a big beautiful arch over our house. I will never forget the vivid colors: pink, yellow, green, and blue. Was it because the world was still so new to me?

Today, after all the contemptuous weather―rain, hail, wind— I saw a double rainbow. It came with half the sky filled with sunshine. I’m glad my husband was home, so I could share it with him.

I know there’s a logical explanation. Sunshine reflecting off the moisture on the earth. But I like to think there’s some magic involved!

Sometimes it’s true, the best things in life are free!


3 thoughts on “Rainbows are Always Special

  1. One of the most beautiful things I ever saw was a rainbow along the beach near Sarasota, Florida in 1970. It was a full 180 degree arc and looked to be no more than 50 feet away. The colors were bright and distinct from one another — not blurred together as rainbow colors sometimes are. It took my breath away and made me grateful to be alive.

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