Why My Life is Sweeter with my GPS

Mapquest adds bike directions

Mapquest adds bike directions (Photo credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious)

I don’t know about you, but my GPS has become one of my best friends. It is one freeing item. I just turn it on and it will direct me to my destination. I just listen to it, but that works fine.

I used Mapquest for a while and I thought that was the greatest invention since sliced bread. However, holding the directions and driving at the same time might not have been the best thing to do. Besides, it didn’t account for roadblocks, and incessant orange barrels. One thing they do in Columbus, Ohio, is rebuild the roads. I guess I’d complain if they didn’t.

Imagine my dismay when my GPS stopped working. I was one lost puppy. I started using mapquest again. Which is a good thing, but doesn’t account for the never-ending road closings and detours that I’ve faced lately.

So, finally I called  the Target warranty center,  and found out there’s an update I have to install to get it to work. If your Tom Tom GPS is saying it can’t locate the signal, that’s why! If you need to fix it, go to http://us.support.tomtom.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6964.

Okay, I expect to get frustrated doing this, so I’ll call their help line. I’m not going to even attempt it by myself.

All this tech stuff drives me a bit crazy. I guess older brains aren’t just wired up to handle the whole thing. Maybe I ought to find an eight or nine-year old to help me. I’m amazed at how tuned in kids are to all this stuff.

Nevertheless,  I’m really happy that the GPS exists, and I can use it.

How about you? Do you have problems plugging into the modern world? What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it?

Obesity is linked to Autism: Give me a break!

I just watched a report on The Huffington Post that links obese mothers with having Autistic children. They better have proof of this because that’s adding another stigma to obesity.  Isn’t it tough enough already?

I would bet the higher rate of autism has to do with other things that make us stay skinny: like aspartame in everything, and how about the pink slime in McDonald’s Hamburgers? Then, there’s always high fructose corn syrup.

How about all the Ritalin we hand out like candy, or the antidepressants everyone takes?

How about all the unhealthy meat we eat from the corporate farms, or the chickens who are literally cooped up?

Last year they were convinced autism was caused by vaccinations and now that’s been dismissed.  Meanwhile, there’s a whole lot of kids running around who are going to get things like whooping-cough because their mothers are afraid to vaccinate them. I suspect that’s why a lot of people are homeschooling their kids.

I hope they figure this autism thing out soon. It’s pretty scary, but do we have to blame it on being obese?

Don’t obese people have enough to feel guilty about?

MEGA MAC jp-1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Andrea Yates Wants to Attend Church: What do you think?

A vision of Hell from Dante’s Divine Comedy. I...

A vision of Hell from Dante’s Divine Comedy. Illustration by Gustave Doré. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can’t believe that Andrea Yates is requesting to attend church once a week. She is a mother who drowned 5 of her children in 2001. She thought she was saving them from Hell. I do believe she was truly delusional and mentally ill.

I felt that she received the correct punishment when she was committed to a mental institution. She is bi-polar and suffers from depression. Now, she is taking medication that helps her.

Why would a judge grant her permission to attend a church? Isn’t that what filled her addled brain with the idea of killing her children in the first place?

I also was turned off when I found out  that her ex-husband  gave her permission to be buried next to her 5 children. It was part of their divorce settlement.  That just seems wrong to me. Whether or not she was mentally ill, it’s such an unspeakable crime. Those children deserve to be left in peace.

What do you think?

Prejudice is alive and well

Today I went to my health club. When I got into the sauna there were two men spewing prejudice . One was black and the other was white. They were really getting excited.

I couldn’t believe what they were saying. They were both talking about how they resent the Somalian people who live in Columbus. There’s quite a large population living here.

” I hate those darn Somalian’s ,”said the black guy. ” They’re so stupid. And they’re pirates too. They’re so stupid that they got shot instead of giving up the boat they pirated,” he added.

“Yeah, if I ever see one I’d shoot him on the spot,” said the white guy.

” The Somalians I’ve met are industrious people who work hard. I go to the library a lot, and I share the study room with a lot of them.  Besides, you shouldn’t categorize people. It’s dangerous to do that. It’s called prejudice,” I said.

” Industrious, right,” said the black man.

“Well, they get $10,000 just to live here,” piped up another guy.

“Yeah, I wished I’d get $10,000 just to show up,” said another.

At that point, I decided to vacate the premises. I didn’t want to get into it with people who were talking about shooting other people.

So, if you think prejudice isn’t still alive and well, guess again.

What would you have done?

Did the Baby Boomers live up to their promise? Did you?

Baby boomers reading this post most likely remember a time when life was really different from today. I suppose that happens with every generation, but of course, we think we were special because there are so many of us.

Vietnam War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial (Photo credit: Adelaide Archivist)

I remember where I was when I heard about the assassinations of JFK,  and Martin Luther King.  Do you?
The Vietnam War was indeed a turning point. Before then, people never protested fighting a war in such great numbers.

Remember Kent State? Where were you? How did that event shape your life?

Drugs became more available among the middle class. I don’t remember it being out in the open before that time. I now think we let a genie our of the bag with the pervasiveness of drugs.

Tell me about how any of those previous events effected you? Where were you. Did your thinking change?

Were you in the Vietnam War? What did you think of the protests that were going on at the time?

Have you held onto some of the ideals you had at that time? How are you implementing your idealism. Volunteerism?
Please comment!

20 of my pet peeves

1. The Fox Channel

2. People conducting phone surveys.

3. Complainers–when I ask you how you are, just say fine and leave it at that.

4. People who don’t listen.

5. The Housewife series, especially the ones from New Jersey.

6. Donald Trump

7. Nancy Grace

8. America’s Top Model–Tyra you are really mean to those girls.

9. The TV Show Hoarders–Why would you allow anyone to film your truly disgusting house?

10. Talk Radio

11. Howard Stern

12. Drunk Drivers

13. Ringing Cell phones in public places.

14. Smart phones lighting up in entertainment venues.

15.Screaming children in fine restaurants.

16. Phil Donahue–I liked you when you were first popular, but now your speech making is annoying.

17. Servers interrupting my conversations in restaurants to ask me how my food tastes. Who thought up this annoying practice up?

18. Rush Limbaugh

19. Glenn Beck

20.The person who decided we’d all look better if we bleached our teeth an unnatural white.

There’s some of my pet peeves. What are yours?

Beach Boys Publicize New Summer Tour and Album

I was reading USA Today and found an article publicizing a 50th year anniversary Beach Boy Tour. The surviving Beach Boys going on tour are:  Mike Love, Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston and David Marks.

Some of us connect our younger years to some of their Hits: I get Around, Little Surfer Girl, Help me Rhonda, Good Vibrations, and In My Room. There’s so many more!

I thought Brian Wilson was still in his room somewhere in California. Now I find out he is taking a tour with the guys who took him to court years ago. Not only that, but they’re coming out with another album.

I still miss Dennis Wilson. He was the cute blonde drummer. He didn’t make it through the 60’s and 70’s. He was a hopeless alcoholic and drug addict who drowned in a boating accident years ago. So much for fame and fortune. Maybe it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If you want to read an interesting  biography read: Dennis Wilson: The Real Beach Boy by John Stebbins.

It’s encouraging to know Brian Wilson has been able to overcome drug addiction, and mental illness to get his act together. He’s even contributing to the album coming out this summer! You can be sure I will buy it. I might even try to attend a concert near me.

I still remember when they became popular. I was 12 or 13. I  remember dancing under the stars to their music.

The fact that they left middle-age, much less boyhood, behind years ago is inspiring. It means that there is hope for us all. It also means there’s no excuse to throw in the towel just cause you’re a little worn around the edges.

They also prove that it’s never too late to kiss and make up.  They all took each to court over money and contracts. They managed to forgive each other. How many people can do that? It should be a lesson to us all.

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson (Photo credit: Burns!)

Surf on Beach Boys!

What’s your favorite memory of listening to the  Beach Boys?

Columbus, Ohio, Community Will Observe Yom HaZikaron

The Columbus Jewish community observance of Israel’s Memorial Day for soldiers and Terror Attack Victims, Yom HaZikaron, will be held at the JCC on College Avenue on Tuesday, April 24.

The doors will open at 7:00 pm so that people can tour an exhibit dedicated to fallen soldiers and terror victims. “There will be an exhibition leading to the auditorium that will highlight some of these many bereaved families. During the ceremony, we will unite with the grief of other families through prayers (read by community rabbis and cantors), video clips, personal stories, poems, and song,” said Eran Rosenberg, event chair.

The theme of this years program is “ Bereavement Strikes Twice.” The ceremony starts at 7:15 pm. It will include readings, a speaker, and a choir made up of singers from Agudas Achim, Beth Shalom, Beth Tikvah, Temple Israel, and Koleinu, the Jewish Community Choir.

The choir will sing ”The Star Spangled Banner” conducted by Gail Rose, and “Hatikva”, conducted by Cantor Jack Chomsky . Both are conductors for Koleinu, the Columbus Community Choir.

Cindy Leland from Agudas Achim wrote the arrangement for an Israeli memorial song. “The choir will sing a memorial song that is used in ceremonies in Israel, ‘Rikma Enoshit Achat ‘(We are all one human fabric) written by Moti Hamet,” said Leland.

The keynote speaker is Prof. Paul Liptz, a lecturer and professor at Tel Aviv University and Hebrew Union College. He has visited, lectured and conducted workshops in over twenty countries He has worked with many American groups as a Scholar in Central and Eastern Russia.       Liptz’s topic will be, “From Yom HaZikaron to Yom HaAtzmaut: Lost Lives for the Jewish State.”

Here is an excerpt from this years program: “We dedicate this Yom HaZikaron ceremony to those Israeli families who have lost their loved ones—more than one—parents who lost their two sons; a woman who lost her husband and her son; No death in the Israeli army is ever taken lightly. As we know, this is a place where every father, son, brother, cousin or boyfriend has to serve, but the tragedy of having more than one death in the same family is heartbreaking and apparent to all.”

In Israel, Yom HaZikaron begins in the evening marking a day of mourning and honoring the fallen, and ends the following evening, when Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day begins. A small committee organized this event: Eran Rosenberg, Noam Even, Community Shaliach (Israeli Emissary) for the Jewish Federation, and Sigi Even.