Ted Nugent on Pierce Morgan: a scary guy if you ask me!

I really like the Pierce Morgan show. I think he asks probing questions and gets good answers from his guests.

Ted Nugent performing

Ted Nugent performing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tonight the Trayvon Martin case was discussed by George Zimmerman’s lawyers, and the Martin attorney. I can’t believe that George  Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested yet.  It seems  that he is a nut who was hunting down this kid. I find it hard to believe that he was beaten up by Martin before he shot him.  But who knows for sure. He should be tried in court.

They better arrest Zimmerman before some gun loving American shoots him without a fair trial.

Ted Nugent also came on the show to give his opinion about guns and the Trayvon Martin case. I’m have a vague recollection of Nugent being a rock star of some type. I couldn’t tell you what he’s ever recorded.

Morgan: You believe that the vast majority want Zimmerman arrested?

Nugent: I just want to say that these youths are slaughtered around the USA.

Morgan: Shouldn’t Zimmerman have been arrested? That would have never been able to happen in Britain.

Nugent: You don’t believe a person can “stand  your law? ” In America, we don’t back down. It’s common sense and logical and the right thing to do.

Morgan: US has 270 Million gun murders. In Britain, you  couldn’t have shot that boy without being arrested or charged.

Nugent’s general consensus was that everyone should have guns, and be able to “defend” themselves.

I don’t want to live next door to this guy. He looks creepy, and he probably has a loaded gun in every room of the house.


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