War Hitting Close To Home


Afghanistan (Photo credit: The U.S. Army)

I received a notification from a group I sometimes attend.  A woman, who I didn’t really know, lost her son in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan.

Although I don’t know this woman, I can almost imagine what she’s going through. And may I ask for what? Why are we still in Afghanistan? I’m not really clear on the reasons. Is anybody?

Rachel Maddow just wrote a book called Drift which addresses several problems. One of them is how disconnected the American public has become from the wars that we’ ve sent our young people to fight in during the last 10 years.   We don’t think about it  much; until we hear someone —so much like us—  has lost a son in a senseless suicide bombing.

Think about it. You raise a child all your life, love that child, and have high hopes for them. They make a sacrifice in a war that nobody hardly pays attention to any more.

Is there any chance we can win something in Afghanistan? What is it we’re fighting for? Are we going to turn them into freedom loving Americans? Should we?

 Should we fight the whole world’s battles? 

Another thing we hear about every now and then is the horrible way Assad is treating his people in Syria. He’s blatantly murdering them.  We hardly pay attention to that either. But what’s the choice? Nobody wants to send in troops and get engaged in another war without end. Is it any of our business?

Where should we draw the line?


2 thoughts on “War Hitting Close To Home

  1. Where should we draw the line? To me it is obvious. We draw the line at Islam, wherein hopelessness rules, and reason is an impossibility. Muslims hate us, they hate our religions (or non-theism), and they hate our culture. They are forever stuck in the 8th Century by their own doing. Muslim hearts and minds are forever poisoned by Islam, and they cannot be assimilated into any society but their own. We must, due to their lack of cooperative spirit, be segregated from one another and live separate existences. We should leave all Muslim lands, and cut off all foreign aid to these sick ungrateful morons. They are not a religion of peace. They are not even a religion. They are a cult of haters. They don’t even like each other, so how are we ever going to fit in with them. We need to pull all troops, all aid dollars, and all contact with them. If they think they are so great… let them prove it among themselves. I have no use, no love and no compassion for any of them.

    • Thanks you so much for your response. I somewhat agree with you, however, not all Muslims are extremists. Its dangerous to put all people in one category. But, I don’t think our young people should continually go and fight these wars. Not if there’s not a good reason.

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