Bubba Watson on “Pierce Morgan”

Bubba Watson appeared on Pierce Morgan, and he’s my kind of hero.

I don’t care that much about golf, but I am from Columbus, Ohio, home of Jack Nicklaus. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the Masters of 1986 when old Jack, the Golden Bear, won his last major championship at the old age of 48. (At the time, I thought he was really old.)

The other day, Bubba Watson caught my attention when I was waiting for
“ 60 Minutes” to start. The Masters Golf Tournament was still going on, so I started watching it.

I saw Bubba make that wild drive out of the green. So, I started watching him, and rooting for him. After he finally won the championship, his mother hugged him, and he was  emotional. A guy who is close with his mom, how touching is that?

Bubba said his wife couldn’t be there because she was home with their newly adopted baby boy, Caleb. He was all choked up while talking about his late father who died from cancer. A guy with real family values.

I caught him on “Pierce Morgan” again. He told the story about how he’s learned so much by watching his friend, Tiger Woods. So instead of talking about himself, he was giving Woods some good PR.

He talked about things that were important to him like giving back. I love his pink golf clubs. So, this guy believes in helping other people. He’s trying to raise a million dollars this year for charity. He’s working with a golf company, PING. He’s using pink drivers— proving he’s a secure guy.

I liked it when he talked about how much he loves his 6’4” wife, a basketball player, and that she runs the show. A guy who respects his wife, and considers her his best friend. I’m liking him more and more.

His prized possession is one of the  “General Lee Cars”  from the “Dukes of Hazzard” Tv show in the 70’s. He bought it a couple of years ago. A 1969, Dodge Charger. That shows he’s not a snob. He also likes “The Waffle House, and he learned to play golf using wiffle balls.

Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson

Tiger Woods and Bubba Watson (Photo credit: Peder with a D)

The thing that most endeared me to him is when he talked about his newly adopted son, Caleb, and how much he will have to share with him.

I still think golf is a boring thing to watch, but maybe I’ll catch Bubba every now and then.


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