“The Secret Garden” tugs at my heart

"The Secret Garden'' tugs at my heart.

The past caught up with me tonight.  The lights at “The Lincoln Theater ” in Columbus, Ohio,went out and the musical version of “The Secret Garden” began.  I knew I’d signed up to usher for it, but I’d almost forgotten about taking my children to see it 20-plus years ago.

When the curtain went up on the play, the past suddenly collided with the present. I closed my eyes and I could see my children sitting next to me at the Ohio Theater.  We were seeing a professional production of the very same play. This was not something I did with them very often.

My son was only 8 or 9 my daughter maybe 10.  (I can’t put an exact year on it) They were mesmerized. They loved every minute of it.

As a child, I loved the book the “Secret Garden”(Frances Hodgson Burnett)  and wanted to share it with them. I was so proud of the way they behaved. They knew to applaud after each song, and to stand up at the end of the play to show how much they loved it. I was delighted that the story seemed to touch their hearts too.

I observed some of the parents and their children tonight. It was an outstanding production put on by “Children’s Theater Productions” in Columbus, Ohio.

I was glad that such an old story about love, relationships, and forgiveness still could hold the attention of people in the 21st Century, people who are enamored with technology.   Life has changed so much in the last 20 years. I guess good stories don’t ever go out of style.

I don’t always think about that part of my life being over. Sometimes, I wish I could bring it back for just a day.

I never thought it would go by so fast. The older you get, the stranger time becomes. Things that you thought happened 10 years ago, happened 20.

Do you ever have moments like this? Times when your heart gets tugged at? Are you willing to share?



6 thoughts on ““The Secret Garden” tugs at my heart

  1. Most definately! I find conversations between Randy and myself frequently asking, where did the time go? We think about, after speaking to one of the children,certain things that made us laugh, or almost cry. The challenges they faced as they went through life enroute to becoming an adult. Or we talk about things we wish we had done with them before they all flew away. Then the thoughts of what we are missing with the grandbabes, as they are all living away too, hit us. We know we are getting older and sooner than later we will be dependent upon a caregiver for our daily necessities. All we will have will be these great memories. Make them special and filled with love. Thank you for your story.

  2. It’s wonderful how posts suddenly come to our notice. I have just written about The Secret Garden and on WordPress’s Recommendations for related links I found your lovely post and the fact that we are both in our sixties with similar blog titles. Nice to have “met you”.

    • Yes, I will read your blog too. Do you know how to do trackbacks and pinkbacks? I’m wondering if gearing my blog to people in our age range is cutting me out of other readers? I’m guessing it does. What do you think? I really don’t think of myself as old, but I figure there’s a lot of us out there!

      • Since starting my blog in January 2011, it has reached a range of ages, possibly because it is garden based and there are a lot of gardeners out in the world, but I also post photos on the Weekly Photo Challenge and use the PostaDay tag which draws lots of readers. There certainly are a lot of us out there and its great to show to the young ones that just because we are over 60, we are unable to use computers, let alone know how to blog!!

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