Did the Baby Boomers live up to their promise? Did you?

Baby boomers reading this post most likely remember a time when life was really different from today. I suppose that happens with every generation, but of course, we think we were special because there are so many of us.

Vietnam War Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial (Photo credit: Adelaide Archivist)

I remember where I was when I heard about the assassinations of JFK,  and Martin Luther King.  Do you?
The Vietnam War was indeed a turning point. Before then, people never protested fighting a war in such great numbers.

Remember Kent State? Where were you? How did that event shape your life?

Drugs became more available among the middle class. I don’t remember it being out in the open before that time. I now think we let a genie our of the bag with the pervasiveness of drugs.

Tell me about how any of those previous events effected you? Where were you. Did your thinking change?

Were you in the Vietnam War? What did you think of the protests that were going on at the time?

Have you held onto some of the ideals you had at that time? How are you implementing your idealism. Volunteerism?
Please comment!

2 thoughts on “Did the Baby Boomers live up to their promise? Did you?

  1. I was in Mrs. Taylor’s class (5th grade) when the news of JFK’s assasination hit the airwaves.
    Mrs. Taylor – a statuesque, handsome “older” woman (I’m guess she was the same age I am now) who wore her long graying hair in a french twist, was kind but no-nonsense, one of everyone’s favorite teachers – left the room for a few minutes (strange in itself) and upon returning brought the class to attention. As she tried to explain to us what just happened, she stopped to collect herself as she clearly was about to cry. We were all stunned, probably as much by how upset she was as we were by the news that our president had just been shot and killed.
    From that time through the presidents’ televised funeral, I remember never before seeing so many adults in my life so distraught. It was a truly devastating wake-up call for a nation having “fun fun fun” with Beach Boys and a strong middle class feeling comfortable and happy. Quite similar to 9/11 38 years later.

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