Obesity is linked to Autism: Give me a break!

I just watched a report on The Huffington Post that links obese mothers with having Autistic children. They better have proof of this because that’s adding another stigma to obesity.  Isn’t it tough enough already?

I would bet the higher rate of autism has to do with other things that make us stay skinny: like aspartame in everything, and how about the pink slime in McDonald’s Hamburgers? Then, there’s always high fructose corn syrup.

How about all the Ritalin we hand out like candy, or the antidepressants everyone takes?

How about all the unhealthy meat we eat from the corporate farms, or the chickens who are literally cooped up?

Last year they were convinced autism was caused by vaccinations and now that’s been dismissed.  Meanwhile, there’s a whole lot of kids running around who are going to get things like whooping-cough because their mothers are afraid to vaccinate them. I suspect that’s why a lot of people are homeschooling their kids.

I hope they figure this autism thing out soon. It’s pretty scary, but do we have to blame it on being obese?

Don’t obese people have enough to feel guilty about?

MEGA MAC jp-1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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MEGA MAC jp-1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “Obesity is linked to Autism: Give me a break!

  1. I was started gaining weight AFTER my kids were born and AFTER my hysterectomy. Did my later obesity influence them to become autistic? Maybe I started eating more after they were born out of frustration or because the higher fat foods are easier to make when life has intense demands. I sometimes say jokingly that having autistic kids can cause bipolar disorder because parents are swinging from despair to hope so often. (I have read that bipolar mothers also tend to have a higher incidence of kids with autism). There are so many ways to blame parents for their kids, it is surprising this hasn’t been theorized before.

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