Ted Turner on Piers Morgan: A few good nuggets from the interview

Ted Turner with ex-wife Jane Fonda, 1992 Deuts...

Ted Turner with ex-wife Jane Fonda, 1992 Deutsch: Ted Turner mit seiner damaligen Frau Jane Fonda, 1992 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ted Turner was on Piers Morgan.  In case you don’t know who he is, one of his accomplishments was founding CNN.  He was later fired.  Although he lost a fortune, he is still rich.

This guy is weird, but seems to have good intentions. What negative things can you say about someone who wants to get rid of nuclear bombs and clean up the environment. It sure would make me happy to get rid of nuclear bombs. I’ve been worrying about them most of my life.

Turner donated a billion dollars to the UN?  I’m not sure about trusting in the United Nations to solve the world’s problems. They don’t seem exactly fair most of the time.   They are helping with his pet project, helping out with ridding the world of malaria.

He wanted CNN to be the The New York Times of news. He also doesn’t like the conflict  between parties. I wish he could figure out how to stop that. Doesn’t seem likely to me

Even with all his money he’s had to give up a lot of his favorite foods like potatoes, dairy, and alcohol because he’s getting older, and his doctors are checking out his allergies. Not even rich guys are immune from getting old, fat, and sick.

He looked like he was about to cry when he talked about losing Jane Fonda. He’s replaced her with 4 girlfriends.  I guess that says a lot about old Jane.

He also said that the US has “too many enemies, and should work on being more popular.” He makes it sound like we’re all in high school. Maybe it’s more complicated than that?

When Bronson asked him what he’s most proud of he said, “my 5 children are all doing well.” I surely can relate to that.

One of the things he said that I liked was, ‘Winners never Quit,’  and ‘Quitters never win.’ I’m sure he didn’t think that one up.

The quote he wants to put on his headstone I really liked “I have nothing more to say.” Maybe I’ll borrow that one.

Any comments? Did you see the interview? What did you think of him? Did he seem naive to you or just optimistic?


16 thoughts on “Ted Turner on Piers Morgan: A few good nuggets from the interview

  1. Enjoyed Mr. Turner on this broadcast program last night very much. I learned alot about who and what he stood for. And I liked it very much, honest, straight to the point. Thanks Mr. Turner, keep up the good work, wish there were more people like you. I know your children are proud.

  2. Came across your blog while trying to find a transcript of the interview. How can you call this a list of “highlights” from the interview but leave out that he said he thinks Romney would make a good president? Ted Turner is well known for his liberal beliefs and not shooting down Romney would lead to the assumption that he either is moving more right or, more likely, is not a fan of Obama.

    • I don’t interpret him saying that as his moving right or thinking Romney is his choice. I think he just said that to be diplomatic. (just is case Romney is voted in as president) He made it clear that he wasn’t endorsing either candidate. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I thought I heard Turner asking why it was OK with the US that Israel had 100 nuclear weapons, but not OK with the US that Iran might acquire 2. Would it have something to do with Israel being an ally and Iran being an enemy?

  4. The interviewer asked Mr. Turner what he thinks America’s position should be in this new world order/policing the world. This is concerning, as was his answer of the UN policing the world.
    @ Gloria: Looking back on an interview from 2006 of Mr. Turner advocating a worldwide one child policy (when he has 5) and speaking highly of population reduction to the tune of 95% (give or take) I would hardly consider his work good. These are the words of a eugenicist with “one world” views. I also find his billions in donationation to the UN’s defunct IPCC and his Neo-paganism/Gaia extreme environmentalist views most disturbing.

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