Harmony Project: #2 Watch this video. I guarantee you will feel inspired!

If you met Fred, you would really like him. He’s got a great personality, a great smile, and is appreciative about his life. He’s not a complainer. His joy of life rubs off on all of us who visit the Commons of Buckingham every week. It’s a place that gives people second chances.

He had some bad years, years when he was homeless, and out on the streets. He remembers feeling invisible. He doesn’t feel that way now.

I’ve gotten to know him through the Harmony Project. We are going to be in a show together in July. He’s a great singer too. Through the Harmony project, I’ve gotten an opportunity to spend time with a group of people who have the courage to change their lives.

I like spending time with these people. It keeps me inspired. Watch this video, and you will be inspired too!

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