Semi-finalists in DWTS Announced!

Maria Menounos at the 81st Academy Awards

Maria Menounos at the 81st Academy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They announced the semifinalists for Dwts’s last night. Poor Maria Menounos got the boot. I was sad because I love to watch her partner, Derek dance. I really thought she showed great improvement. Maybe she got eliminated because of her bizarre laugh. I can’t really think of another reason. During the season, she really won me over.

Features in the Semi-final show
I  enjoyed the dance sponsored by Macys. It was a dance to The End of Time by Beyonce. Two pros Chelsie and Tristan danced together. Wow!

Fans chose the costumes. It was a sexy red costume for Chelsie, and black costume with red stripes for Tristan. It was a wonderful dance, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

At the end , Chelsie  stood on a box, and air blew up her skirt  . If you’re a baby boomer you will know it was reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe in “Some Like it Hot.”

Alanis Morissette also sang during this show. Her jeweled guitar was unique.  Some dancers dressed in white did an exquisite dance. They portrayed people in love. Nothing like the art of dance to express love.

Julianne Hough, Derek’s sister, was featured in a promo for Rock of Ages, a new movie coming out. It also featured Mary J.  Blige. I can’t wait to see this movie. I guess it helps to have Ryan Seacrest for a boyfriend.

If that wasn’t enough, Carrie Underwood was also featured. I like the kind of country she sings. To me, it sounds like a cross between country and rock.

Next week is the finals: William Levy, Donald Driver and Katherine Jenkins will be vying for the grand prize, a tacky looking trophy, the Mirror Ball.

I’m betting Donald Driver wins because everyone loves football. I would like Katherine to win. I like William Levy too. Who wouldn’t?

I can’t wait!

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