Shame on you Dr. Phil



Why doesn’t Dr. Phil just open a side show? His show today was offensive. I am not a regular viewer. All the angst he features has been less and less appealing to me― drug addicts, sexual perverts, cheaters, and on and on.

I used to find some of his weight shows motivational, so I watched today. But, I couldn’t believe what went on in the hour.

I really liked his show when he started years ago. But then, he gave into featuring people with more problems than he can really handle.


It was bad enough that he had a 750 pound young man on the show begging for help. It was a super sad story. He’s really incapacitated. His biggest wish is playing basketball or taking a walk.

Dr. Phil sent him to Wellspring Weight Institute to get him away from his overweight mother. Maybe this is offering him some type of hope. He told everyone to twitter him, and that is a positive thing. It did remind me more of a side-show than anything. And I watched, so I’m not much better than anyone else.  Not today, anyway.

I’m all for weight programs cause sometimes it’s inspirational, and it is a problem many people struggle with. Something like this can be inspirational and give hope to some.


I was expecting him to really the mother, but he didn’t do it as much as I expected. He was pretty easy on her. I’m sure she knows she’s really responsible anyway.


Current title card

Current title card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


His second story is the one that shocked me. His guest wanted to be treated like a baby. And there was another man, with a divinity degree no less, who wants him to baby him.


Oh, he was with his ex-girlfriend who was fulfilling the role. She finally came to her senses and left. However, she can’t be normal.

Is this a show that is suitable for kids who might be home from school?


I used to like Dr. Phil. But not now! This is just too much.


Are we so desperate for entertainment that we will watch these pitiful people. Unfortunately, there is more and more TV shows like this. It goes beyond the pale. What is going on in our society?

I thought it couldn’t get worse than Jerry Springer or Mary Povich. I was wrong!


Dr. Phil  is the #1 show on daytime TV.


What do you think?






3 thoughts on “Shame on you Dr. Phil

  1. I am not a moralist, but I have seen a decline in moral value in today’s shows and I just shake my head. I too, used to enjoy Dr. Phil’s shows because he stayed true to matters regardless of ratings. Nowadays, the more sex, scandal and shouting – the higher the ratings. Sad that this is the standard that advertisers put their money into.

  2. I do try to keep from judging as well, but I do have an issue with the money that goes into some of these shows that do not add anything positive to our lives. I hope he doesn’t end up like the ones that have gone by the wayside or suck the life out of the participants. Thank you for sharing!

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