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Blog Machine (Photo credit: digitalrob70)

I won the Beautiful Blogger Award. Liz Blackmore of Little Box of Books nominated me! I, of course, want to mention her. She has stories she wrote, writes about writing, and gives out awards! Her website is:

I am particularly moved by the award because she gave it to me on my blog about my dad. I am so pleased that so many people remembered him. He’s been gone for 36 years, but he made a good  impression on so many people. If you haven’t read my post please do! Nobody ever forgets a loving parent.

Here are my seven recommendations of bloggers.Please take time to read their blogs! This is a great blog. He gives wonderful advice.  He has terrific quotes too. This guy has a great blog. It’s about politics and arts (and other things)

http:// Karen Anderson writes about looking inward for answers to your weight problems. This is a very popular blog. This guy writes about progressive politics and regressive entertainment. I enjoy it!

Http:// This is a very nice photography blog with some poetry. It’s very insightful.

cookiemommas  She’s a mom, but she did review shades of gray in her last post. If you’re into spirituality, numerology, and a little inspiration with a different slant you will enjoy this blog.

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Thank you for the great blog connections. You mentioned a couple that I follow but as we are only allowed seven choices… it was very hard to choose. Thank you for nominating them and once again for the new ones I can view!

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