There really are homeless people out there

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I am involved with a project called the Harmony project. Last week we sang at the Columbus Shelter Board luncheon. We sang a song called, “I Call Columbus Home.”

The director, David Brown, wrote the song after talking to some formerly homeless people who are also in the chorus. He came to the conclusion that it’s really important to have a place to lay your head, and a place to put down your stuff. Everyone needs some dignity.

Maybe having a place to live is something             many of us have taken for granted. But, the situation is getting worse out there for families. Nice families with nice kids, people who have lost their jobs. Most of us have had to lower our standard of living in some way.

Can you imagine being a child and having to attend school, do your homework, interact with other kids, and be homeless. There was a skit that the Columbus Shelter Board        put together with actors. It showed a typical family going through the process of finding a place to live after being out on the street.

I am tired of hearing this political rhetoric which gets nothing done. I especially resent the thought that we shouldn’t help each other. They’ve bandied about the word socialism, and I don’t like that label either.

One thing to do is donate time and money to organizations like the Columbus Shelter Board. Even donating food to a food bank is something anyone could do.  This is a serious problem that’s been ignored for too long. It’s scary. After all, you could easily be next.

I guarantee that helping others, even in a small way, will give you joy!

4 thoughts on “There really are homeless people out there

  1. I came across this post doing research for a short film I’m currently writing about the homeless. I really appreciate your thoughts. My blog is, if you’d like to see some of my work. 🙂

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