How I know I’m Getting Older: 15 of my reflections

My husband and I riding bikes on vacation!

1. I finally figured out I’m not going to live forever. So, I better make the most of my remaining time on earth. Don’t worry, it’s at least 30 years or so.

2. Attitude is everything. If you’ve got a bad one, things are not going to work out, no matter what you do.

3. I know I’m old because my kids called me 10 minutes before they arrived to pick me up, to give me a heads up.

4. I wanted to eat at a Bob Evans Restaurant.

5. Loud music really sounds loud.

6. Nobody questions me when I say I want to eat off the Seniors menu, or want a Seniors discount.

7. When I ask a contemporary how they feel, they don’t say things like “I feel great.” The best strategy is not to ask them at all!

8. I don’t feel young in my swimming aerobics class any more. I fit right in.

9. I still have a lot of fun, and get excited about things.

10.I realize that the most important things in life include friends family, and giving to others.

11. I know looks really are superficial and aren’t important. It is truly what people are like inside. If you lived a beautiful life, you will be beautiful at 90.

12. I really know money can’t buy happiness.

13. I am so proud of the adults my children have become.

14. I’m happy that both my husband and I are still doing okay. We are lucky!

15. It’s important to keep hopes, dreams, and goals going.

You have any advice you want to give me?

3 thoughts on “How I know I’m Getting Older: 15 of my reflections

  1. First of all, you don’t seem to need this advice. Everything you said is so well considered and right on the money that it is hard to think of anything you left out. The only thing I can add is: don’t worry about what other people think. Very few people spend a lot of time thinking about how you look or what you say. Most people are worrying more about what you think of them. Spend your efforts comforting, reassuring and listening to the concerns of others and you find you’ll forget all about worrying what they are thinking about you.

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