What’s wrong with the Olympic Committee?

Israeli hostages Kehat Shorr (left) and Andre ...

Israeli hostages Kehat Shorr (left) and Andre Spitzer (right) talk to German officials during the hostage crisis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remembering the 1972 Israeli athletes that were murdered 40 years ago

Mark Lavin  18

Eliezer Halfin  24

David Berger 28

Yossef Romano 3l

Andre Spitzer 27

Mose Weinberg 33

Ze-ev Friedmann   28

Amitzur Shapira27

Yossef Gugfreund 40

Yakove Springer 51

Kehott Shorr 53

I remember when the  Israeli athletes were murdered 40 years ago. I was a young woman still living with my parents.

My mother was interested in the Israelis because her doctor’s son, David Berger, was a part of the delegation. He’d made the Israeli team.

The winner of 7 medals in swimming, Mark Spitz, was Jewish. Everyone was afraid they’d get him too.

I also remember when all of them were shot. My mom screamed, “Oh, I thought they were going to let them go!” She was truly heartbroken. None of us could believe it. The irony was that the murderers had picked Germany, the site of the Holocaust.

Although there was a short tribute, the Olympic Committee didn’t stop the games for the rest of the time left. They continued as if nothing happened.

And now they’re not giving them a few seconds of silence?

Maybe they didn’t want to start something. Maybe they were afraid they were going to offend all the Jew hater countries.

It was criminal they didn’t stop the games after they were murdered, and it’s criminal that they won’t give them a few seconds of silence now.

10 Signs you’re a “Mature” Adult : A polite way of saying you’re old!

A Collection of Beatles Oldies

A Collection of Beatles Oldies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. People with young kids look like teenagers to you.

2. People start addressing you as ma’am or sir.

3. You don’t know who is singing popular songs on the radio.

4. You don’t know that oldies are oldies and not the latest songs.

5. Your son turns to you and says, “You’re old.”

6. You’re daughter informs you that it’s time to get your hearing checked.

7. You have to dye your hair every 4 weeks instead of every 6.

8. You go to a museum, and notice you have to sit down by the time you walk from the car to the door of the museum. After finishing the first floor, you have to sit down again.

9. You don’t mind traveling in a car instead of taking an airplane because you’re no longer in a big hurry.

10.  You go to a plastic surgeon about your sinking eyelids, and she says, “I’m surprised you waited so long.”

When did you realize your were getting older?

Going to Myrtle Beach? Don’t miss “One” at The Alabama Theatre

If you’re vacationing at Myrtle Beach and want to see some first-class entertainment, do I have a show for you!

It’s called “One”, and it’s showcased at the beautiful “Alabama Theater”. The theater was opened by the famous  country group, Alabama. It’s a beautiful theatre.

I would suggest buying tickets on the main floor. Although you can see from the balcony, the main floor makes it more intimate.

Flag of City of Myrtle Beach

Flag of City of Myrtle Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not that much of a country music fan, and I picked this venue because it promised a little bit of everything, and it delivered. There was: country, Broadway, Motown, a smidgen of gospel, and a little Rock-n-roll.

I wasn’t expecting the great entertainment featured there. I didn’t know all the performers had terrific resumes. Greg Rowles, the musical emcee, was a Star Search winner, and has gotten national recreation. I guess singing at the Vatican, and repeatedly starring at the Grand Ole Opry qualifies him.

There are 25 members of the cast, they are all  mega-talented. The band was fantastic!  Everyone sang and danced expertly.

It started out with a comedian, Grant Turner, who I thought was going to be a 0 when he started. Guess what? He was a 10. He made me laugh aloud. It was g-rated humor too. How refreshing is that?

My highlights: A scene from “Wicked”. I’ve seen the actual musical several times, and the people starring in this were just as good if not better. The witch even flew!

A song from “Les Miserable” by Steven Michael Gannon who actually did the part for 4 years. “Bring Him Home” brought tears to my eyes.

The singer, Gail Bliss, did “Crazy” by Patsy Cline. (It’s one of my husband’s favorites, so I was familiar with it.) She did an excellent job. I guess this is one of her specialties. She was super-talented and did other numbers throughout the show!

They did a tribute to Frank Sinatra, and it was good. Although I’m too young to really have been much of a Sinatra fan, I knew all the songs. It was enjoyable.

I really enjoyed the Motown tribute. I am plenty old enough to know every song they sang. There was a super dance tribute to Michael Jackson.

The costumes, and the sets were just amazing. They projected great stuff on huge screens behind the cast members when they were performing.

The ending was quite patriotic. It was a little schmaltzy,  but I enjoyed it anyway. I liked the patriotic songs they picked to sing!

This production equals anything I’ve seen on Broadway or Las Vegas.

It’s a bargain for the $ 30.00 to $40.00 tickets.

There website is http://www.alabama-theatre.com.

Being Human: we all need love and affirmation

Human Beings need attention and love. Ever watch a little 6 week old infant? What is the first thing they learn to do that you really respond to? The answer : smile.

What other animals do this? If the baby is to grow in a good way, you have to keep giving them that positive reinforcement.

All of us who had children remember applauding at their least little accomplishment: rolling over, crawling, standing by themselves, and finally walking. We all repeated sounds while they acquired speech. What greater reward is it for a parent than to watch your child develop into an independent human being?

As we get older, we find out that we can  get the same good feeling by helping others, and not being totally selfish.

Some people don’t ever get those good feelings. They grow up  feeling deprived. Maybe they’re just not wired up right from the start. Maybe kids made fun of them for one reason or another.  They grow up not quite right. They grow up full of rage.

Instead of focusing on them after it’s too late, what should we do?

What do you think?

Saw some dolphins!

English: three dolphins at pacific ocean

English: three dolphins at pacific ocean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love, love the ocean. I wonder if I’d get used to it if I lived by it.  Probably not. I guess it’s never too late.

When I was on Vacation,  I saw some jumping dolphins! How excited we were! I guess when you’re older, witnessing nature gives you joy.  I was just happy that they weren’t at Sea World and were free on their own. But, I was afraid they’d get beached because they were so close. I was cool how many there were, and in those big black pods underwater. So cool!

At first, my husband said, “this is why I tell you not to go out in the ocean. There are sharks out there.” He just likes drama, and being the big protector.

After a few minutes, everyone got used to the whole thing, and started grumbling about not going into the water.

Do you have a good fish or mammal story to tell?

Please share!

Going down TV 50’s and 60’s Memory Lane: Rip Don Grady

Howdy Doody

Howdy Doody (Photo credit: cranberries)

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was talking with friends about some TV shows we watched in the 50’s and 60’s. I guess the discussion came up because we were talking about the actor who played  Robby on My Three Sons, Don Grady.  As you probably know, he passed away. If you don’t know, I’m sorry to tell you that he died from cancer.

Here were some of our favorites: Father Knows Best: We liked Robert Young, who played the father,  before he was Marcus Welby. (If you don’t know who that is, you’re probably not interested in this posting.

In Father Knows Best the family seemed real to me.  The Mom (Jane Wyman) was gracious and nice; Bud (Billy Gray) was a typical mischievous boy who was pretty cute;  Kathy (Lauren Chapin) —sweet little sister; Betty—( Elinor Donahue). — the wise oldest sister. I think that show was excellent, and would still hold up today.  By the way, the mom was the woman behind Dad’s wise decisions.

There was also Leave It to Beaver. Remember the rumor that Jerry Mathers died in Vietnam. One of my friends thought Tony Dow died. I was happy to find out he is alive and well!

Families have changed today, of course, and it reflects simpler times. You have to realize that the actors who played those characters did not have near the perfect lives that they portrayed on TV.

We discussed the Mickey Mouse Club, with the Spin and Marty episodes. We all looked forward to the Mouseketeers, and owned a pair of ears. (I don’t know if the second version of The Mickey Mouse Club was as popular.

I  adored Circus Boy who grew up to be one of the Monkees, Mickey Dolenz. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a circus? He was a cute little blond kid who got adopted by a clown in the circus.

Fury was a horse who my mother joked could probably answer the door. She must’ve liked it too. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who else starred in it.

As far as cartoons, my favorite was Bullwinkle.  I loved the satire, even then. I was not a cartoon person. Once I went to a cartoon festival with a friend of mine, and I literally thought I was going to die. Bugs Bunny and The Road Runner were not my thing.

I also liked the cartoons, The Jetsons, and The Flintstones.

Who could forget Howdy Doody, Lassie, Sky King, or The Donna Reed Show. 

We were the first generation to grow up with TV. When we hear that the characters we identified with, passed away, it’s like losing a member of the family.

I don’t think some of the TV shows they have now are exactly wholesome. I don’t know what shows are valuable, and who the kids heroes are today?

What was your favorite show?

Are there good TV shows for kids now? Please comment.

English: Publicity photo of Robert Young and L...

English: Publicity photo of Robert Young and Lauren Chapin from Father Knows Best, 1957. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Favoritism, Talent and Leadership!: Do they go hand-in-hand?



leadership (Photo credit: Ed Gaillard)

Is showing favoritism a part of being human? Is it inevitable? Do people do that because it’s the natural order of things? Do you need to show favoritism to get things accomplished? Is it fanciful to think there should be more equality?

Maybe the reasons socialism and communism didn’t work is because somebody always has to be on top. That means somebody always has to be at the bottom.

Whenever you belong to a group, the outstanding people always rise to the top. No matter what kind of group it is. It can be in school, work, or for fun.

What was your experience with kids sports?
I remember when my children played amateur sports some coaches would never give some of the kids a chance to play. All they wanted was the win, so they would only allow the talented kids to play.

There were some outstanding coaches who realized every kid should have a chance, so they would give everyone an opportunity to play. Some of the disgruntled parents of the “Stars” would have a fit because they wanted their kids to always be featured.


I’m sure the Olympic heroes who will be celebrated this week were all the “stars” that were played. Do you think any of them rose from the bottom?


English: The Olympic Flag flying in Victoria, ...

English: The Olympic Flag flying in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, outside the provincial legislature of British Columbia, in recognition of Vancouver’s hosting of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


School leaders
Once when I was teaching school, I allowed some of the students who were never leaders become leaders during a school activity. They were thrilled to be given this opportunity.

Guess what happened?

The natural leaders, who would’ve been assigned in the first place took the leadership positions anyway.

Sometimes, I feel that people who are overlooked should get a chance anyway. Have you ever been in a group where equality really goes on?

Have you ever seen where a shy person given a chance, develops into a leader.

Do you think there is a better way?

What do you think?



Performance from Harmony Project to Aurora

You can help by donating a dollar for the recording!

A way you can help a little is to share this post! We’re trying to spread the good will around!

Another plea to any of my followers to repost this or share it! We really want to collect some more money for the families in Colorado. If you watched Anderson Cooper you will know how high-quality the people were who got killed. It’s just so unfair and sad. I guess people who go to midnight movies and like Batman are pretty cool people. So sad!

Harmony Project Helps Aurora Victims: Another Harmony Project Post




For Immediate Release:



Harmony Project Quickly Schedules Monday Recording Session

Song & Online Contributions to Offer Aurora Community Help with Healing


Royalty Rights Waived by Songwriter; Production & Location Donated

(COLUMBUS, Ohio): Technical logistics and over 100 members of the Harmony Project choir were being quickly coordinated last night and this morning to arrange for the choir to assemble later this afternoon to record the single, “How We Love,” and make it available online for a $1 contribution to show Columbus’ and the country’s support for our neighbors in Aurora.

All proceeds will benefit the families of victims in the Aurora tragedy and serve as one community’s way to help another with the healing process.

The Harmony Project will work to turn the Columbus Firefighters Local 67 banquet hall at 379 W. Broad into a recording studio from 4 pm to 5:30 pm this afternoon. Choir members are being asked to assemble at 5:30 pm and be prepared to record the song starting at 6 pm.

“We will record the track, “How We Love,” written by acclaimed song writer Beth Nielsen Chapman,” explained David Brown, director of The Harmony Project. “Chapman has agreed to waive the royalty rights to the song for this purpose. The goal is to record, mix and then upload the track to http://www.HarmonyProject.com two to three hours later. Our web site will link to http://www.GivingFirst.org, a not-for-profit organization which was designated by the City of Aurora, to direct and distribute financial contributions to help families of victims of this terrible tragedy.”

“It’s amazing, but not surprising, how Columbus has come together in the last 24 hours to do what we do best: help our fellow neighbors, whether that is across the street or across the country,” said Mayor Michael B. Coleman. “Let’s do what we can to help the families of Aurora begin their healing process.”

“The hope is to demonstrate the “US” in ColumbUS also stands for the greater country, and that in times like these, we are reminded that we are all neighbors,” said Columbus City Council President Andrew Ginther. “We want to reach across the country, albeit digitally, and help heal the heartache that we can only imagine.”

“Almost every conversation since the incident happened always seemed to end with ‘I wish there was something we could do,’” said Franklin County Commission President Paula Brooks. “Everyone is expressing their desire to help, and all of the services needed to make this happen this afternoon have been donated in-kind. That’s what central Ohio is all about.”

Brown said much of the inspiration for the idea of how central Ohio could help came from hearing President Obama’s comments shortly after the tragedy. “His comments echoed the lyrics to the song, “How We Love” that we had just performed last week.”

The Harmony Project presented “How We Love” at its Bicentennial concerts this past week. The melody is haunting and beautiful, the lyrics powerful and healing. The song’s composer, Beth Nielsen Chapman, is a well-known songwriter in Nashville who writes for Faith Hill, Vince Gill, Elton John and many others. (Lyrics to song follow below.)

The Harmony Project invites you to go to http://www.HarmonyProject.com to download the song later tonight and contribute to this cause.

For Press Inquires Contact:

Kristen Foley, Griffin Communications 614-477-4445 Kristen@griffingps.com

Lisa Griffin, Griffin Communications 614-302-2135 Lisa@griffingps.com

How We Love

Written by Beth Nielsen Chapman

Life has taught me this
Everyday is new
And if anything is true
All that matters when we’re through is how we love Faced with what we lack
Some things fall apart
From the ashes new dreams start
All that matters to the heart is how we love How we love, how we love
From the smallest act of kindness
In a word, a smile, a touch
In spite of our mistakes
Chances come again
If we lose or if we win
All that matters in the end is how we love How we love, how we love
I will not forget your kindness
When I needed it so much
Sometimes we forget
Try to be so strong
In this world of right and wrong
All that matters when we’re gone
All that mattered all along

All we have that carries on…is how we love


Why did this happen to the victims in Aurora, Colorado? Will we ever know?

Joker (comics)

Joker (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What happened to the quiet guy from Colorado. Was he evil, or sick? Will we ever know? Is there such a thing as evil? Where does it lurk?

The shooter, James Holmes, apparently broke with reality. Did he think he was “The Joker” from Batman? What would cause someone to be filled with such rage? What should happen to people like this?

Now there’s a lot of speculation that he was suffering from schizophrenia. It makes sense. Why else would anyone do something like that? He is the right age, and  maybe he got stressed during his PhD program. Nobody’s talking. He doesn’t sound like the typical mass murderer type. Except that he tended to be quiet. Why was he studying neuroscience? Was he trying to figure himself out? Shouldn’t he have realized he needed help?

isn’t it sad that there is a profile of a mass murderer we’re all familiar with?

He even worked with Big Brothers and Sisters when he was a teenager.

But what good is this guy’s life? Look at the horrible thing he did.

He’ll probably spend the rest of his life languishing in a mental institution.

It’s enough to make you believe in the death penalty.

But, I can’t help feeling a little sorry for him. He couldn’t have been in his right mind. What about his parents? Their lives are destroyed.

It’s too bad all those nasty weapons are legal. Aren’t we all responsible for letting this go on? Anyone can get those assault weapons.

How about all the violence on TV, movies and in Video games. Who is responsible for that?

PS: After watching CNN’s Anderson Cooper who focused on the victims, I don’t feel sorry for the shooter. He’s done too much destruction and yes, evil.

What do you think?