10 Reasons I Like the Ungodly Heat!

Okay, I’ll try to look on the positive side now!

1. I don’t have to wear a coat…I really don’t have to wear much at all.

2. The sun is out, and it makes Vitamin D. It only takes a few minutes.

3. If I was in Florida in December, I would be thrilled. Maybe I’ll try to pretend I’m in Florida.

4. You can dry out your clothes quickly. Especially a wet bathing suit.

5. You can always water your flowers, so they won’t wilt.

6. You don’t have dreary rain to look at day after day. It’s not gray and gloomy outside.

7. There’s something to talk about with people you barely know. Sharing experiences of an electricity outage.

8. If your air-conditioning is weak, you can always go to a big store, and cool off.

9. We have air-conditioning now, not like the olden days when we had to sweat a lot!

10. You get to see the cute little creatures in the indoor pool. They are so happy with just a little water. They make squeals of delight. I think they refer to them as children.

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