Blasphemy from an Agonostic: Tom Cruise and Scientology makes as much sense as any other religion

A View of Earth from Saturn

A View of Earth from Saturn (Photo credit: alpoma)

I just read that Katie Holmes returned to the Catholic Church. I’m wondering if religion is  what really broke up their marriage. I think they’re both just kidding themselves if that’s what it’s really about. I’m thinking that there is more to it than the religion idea. I bet there’s something else going on there.

I know it’s none of my business, but it is fun to think about the whole thing. Maybe because, it’s not exactly fair Tom Cruise gets a lot of money pretending he’s someone else.

Many people think Scientology is really like….science fiction.

I may get a lot of flack for this, but any religion sounds as ridiculous to me as Scientology. Going up in space makes just as much sense to me, as people from another world coming to Earth and talking to us.

My father came close to death once, and he told me “ it felt like a TV screen losing it’s signal.” He didn’t see any lights, heaven, dead relatives  or anything like that. But it would be nice if that stuff really occurred. Nobody wants it all just to end. Not much fun in that.

I’ve watched  Pat Robertson on the 700 club.  ( I can’t take it too long). He actually closes his eyes and prays in front of all the TV viewers. He never hesitates to ask for money shortly after he does this. How many people fall for his act? Many!

It’s just like people want to believe in psychics predicting their future. How in the world can anyone know anyone else’s  future. Every time any of them appear on radio, the lines are jammed to get in.   Like the Amazing Randy has said, “it’s all trickery.” I believe that too.

I guess life is so bizarre that we all want it to make sense. We all want to think our religion is the right one. We all want to think someone else can tell us how to live it, and what is going to happen.

Because if you’re the wrong religion, you might get locked out of heaven. I have a tendency to believe in the big bang and evolution. Now, that does make some sense.

I’ll say this. “Anything is possible.” I figure whoever or whatever thought this up, can’t be too excited about all the fighting that goes on in the name of religion.  It is a strange bizarre life. If there really is a Hell it will be interesting to see if Pat Robertson ends up there for fleecing all those poor innocent victims.

English: Cropped image of Tom Cruise and Katie...

English: Cropped image of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Photo taken at the White House Correspondents Dinner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5 thoughts on “Blasphemy from an Agonostic: Tom Cruise and Scientology makes as much sense as any other religion

  1. It may be true that all organized religion practices some kind of voodoo. Perhaps Katie didn’t want the cult-like atmosphere of Scientology to be foisted on her daughter. I’ve read that the children Tom & Nicole adopted have not seen their mother once they were inducted into the “Scientology Hall of Fame.” It might have as much to do with their 17-year old age difference as their religious views. Who knows?
    I guess we have freedom of religion in this country, but you don’t have to join up if you don’t want to. Katie obviously decided against Tom’s choice, but everyone has the right to believe what they want. I think he proved that he respects Katie’s choice even though they don’t agree and conducted himself as a gentleman instead of dragging out a dirty divorce.

  2. Hi,
    I read your blog and listened to your point of view. I don’t agree with it, but respect your right to believe so. Yes, I am a Christian. It is not an apology, and I am not here to try and make you believe what you don’t want to believe.
    By the way, there are no denominations in heaven, just people who love God.

  3. Theory of the big bang was fathered by a Belgian astrophysicist named Georges Lemaitre. He toured the world with Einstein in 1933 educating the world abut ‘Red Shift’ aka; The Big Bang ~ Einstein said he had never heard a better theory for the beginning of the world. Georges Lemaitre was a Catholic priest.

    The philosophy of modern science originated with Nicole Oresme a Catholic Intellectual and Bishop of Lisieux. In fact, Jordanus Nemorarius, Rene Descartes, Buridan, John Philoponus, Robert Grosseteste, Roger Bacon, and Leon Battista Alberti can also be credited in part, with the establishment of Modern Science as practiced today.

    Evolution was first comprehended by Saint Augustine in 400 A.D. Irreducible complexity and the second law of thermodynamics precludes evolution by matter without the ontological leap.

    The well documented miracle of metaphysics before the science of holographic was Zeitun, Egypt – it was all captured on film by all Muslims & Christians alike.

    My father was in a serious accident and he saw himself leave his body in an Anchorage hospital and he walked the halls and saw everyone else. I also spoke to another man that was our neighbor and he told me that he left his body during a heart attack in the hospital and the transference between matter and spirit is instantaneous and he feared never more to die which he did not too long after that.

    NDEs are a fascinating subject which you may enjoy!

    Paxet Bonum

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