Will a Smartphone make me any smarter?

Smartphone Configuration for Social Media Mark...

Smartphone Configuration for Social Media Marketing in Frederick MD (Photo credit: Frederick Md Publicity)

I must be the only person alive who still doesn’t have a Smartphone.

It isn’t that I don’t want to get one. The fact of the matter is I’m not important enough to actually need one. I don’t know if the cost justifies it for me. What if I lost it?

I don’t have a lot of appointments to keep track of, and I’m not an executive. I don’t really have pictures to show anyone else.

But, I’m thinking it’s important to keep up with technology. I’d like to scroll through the few pictures I have. I’d like to talk to Siri. Would she make me any smarter?

I’ve noticed that once a person gets a Smartphone they are obsessed with it. They are continually checking and re checking their email. It doesn’t matter who they are, or what they’re like. A few minutes after purchasing one, their heads are buried in it.

Maybe it would make me closer to my relatives?  Maybe I would get in the mood to message them if it was more convenient. Would it make me closer to them?

I did hear Danielle Steel, on ” The View”  say it’s making the kids more distant from each other.  She said, “they don’t call each other anymore, and hear a human voice.”

Is she right about that?

Do you think a Smartphone is helpful for a person over 60? What do you like best about yours? Which Smartphone would you recommend?

I would appreciate your comments.


3 thoughts on “Will a Smartphone make me any smarter?

  1. My husband works for a cellphone company. He can get me free phones. I did not want a smart phone. He insisted I would love it and brought one home anyway. It sat unused for 3 weeks because I didn’t have time to figure anything out. I made a few phone calls but other than that I didn’t use any of the fancy stuff! My almost 2 year old got a hold of it one day and broke the screen very easily! Now I’m back to my “old fashioned” cell phone and am happy as can be!

  2. I am still the proud owner of a dumb phone and have no aspirations to own something that much smarter than me. I know the apps are helpful, but do you really want to assume a huge data bill every month? I feel like a Luddite but to be honest, why would you want to be engrossed with Siri when you have live people to interact with?

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