Olympic Basketball Game: The golden boys squeak by Spain



I just tuned into the Olympic basketball final. Spain VS USA. Although I am patriotic and all I’m enjoying our overpriced basketball players having to sweat.

Is it fair that they can live in mansions, and live the good life because they can play basketball? (Okay, Lebron was in Cleveland, and went to Miami. But, I don’t blame him. Those winters in Miami are much more pleasant than the winters in Cleveland.)  Besides, they got him when he was barely out of high school.

But I do like watching Lebron and Kobe making  the baskets.  Since I’m not a big basketball fan, I don’t know about some of the other guys.

What can they give these guys that they don’t already have if they win? A gold medal?

I guess we have to  pay our gladiators big bucks.

7 point win over Spain!

Am I too critical? Sour grapes? (I don’t live anything close to a extravagant life style) Do you think those guys hearts were in the game? Tell me what you think? I really want to know!

English: LeBron James playing with the Clevela...

English: LeBron James playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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