10 symptoms of Restaurant Withdrawal

Waitresses working at Waffle House, Fort Worth...

Waitresses working at Waffle House, Fort Worth, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently I’ve stopped eating so frequently at restaurants. I am having what I call restaurant withdrawal. I’d be interested if you have experienced this trauma. Here are 10 symptoms.

Ten symptoms of Restaurant Withdrawal

1. After you wake up, you have the desire to go to the crummy Waffle house because they always say, “Good morning.”
2.You miss the lumpy booth.
3. You  ask your mate if “everything tastes good.”
4.  You want to decorate your kitchen with mismatched objects like roller skates, bikes, and pictures that make no sense and don’t go together.
5.. You find yourself buying lemons, cutting them up,  and putting them in your water. You also purchase straws to put in your soft drinks.
6. You miss a smiling server figure sincerely telling you to “have a wonderful evening.”
7. You miss having 3 portions of food at once.

King Eddie's Restaurant, 1954

King Eddie’s Restaurant, 1954 (Photo credit: Seattle Municipal Archives)

8. After the meal you have the desire to take your credit card  and pen out of your purse.
9. You want someone to gather up your dishes, and take them away.
10. You miss the rush of humanity eating separately, but together.

Have you experienced restaurant withdrawal? What are you symptoms? Have you overcome it.


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