Imagine by John Lennon


Nice dream, huh? I respect all religions. I wish everybody else would. Talk about overreaction. It’s not the first time either. More wars were fought over religion. Some things never change.


3 thoughts on “Imagine by John Lennon

  1. Hi,
    I listen to the song, and read your thoughts. Even I as a Christian, do not believe that we will live as one in brotherhood. In order for that to happen, mankind must change the way we think. But I respect your opinion. What you declare always gives me something to think about and reinforces the decision I made in 1977.
    Thank you.

  2. It is true that the worlds religions have been the basis for many wars since recorded time. I too, wish that tolerance, or should I say respect, could be accepted as part the way we live. Alas, it will be a long journey to complete that task!

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