Go out and vote: It’s a hard won American right!

Going to a rally to see President Obama at The Ohio State University was a fun experience. First of all, I went to college there, and remember going on the Oval for various rock concerts and protests. So, it made me feel at least 19. Plus, it was a gorgeous fall day in Columbus, Ohio.

A text logo for Ohio State University

A text logo for Ohio State University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were some people my age there to talk to, and it’s fun being part of a crowd that wants the same things. There were actually two people there from Sweden. The woman is teaching chemistry for a quarter. Her boyfriend accompanied her to the United States.

She told me how great socialized medicine is in Sweden. She also told me that in Sweden they vote more for the party than for one individual.  They both  seemed pretty excited about being at the rally. They were excited enough to stand there for 3 hours to hear Obama.

I couldn’t see “Will I am” from the Black Eyed Peas, but I could hear him. I was happy to say, I knew most of the songs he was playing (as a DJ) and singing.  I enjoyed it when he played the theme from Sesame Street and all the kids from OSU sung along. (You know Romney doesn’t like financing PBS).

I liked watching some little kids dance. They were so cute, but their dancing looked pretty good! They were definitely cool little kids.

The crowd looked more like the real America than a Romney crowd looks like. People from all races were represented there.  It was a peaceful rally too.(Nobody was pouring any tea.)

President Obama gave his standard stump speech, and he energized the crowd. His speech was about helping out the middle class. I couldn’t see him up close, but I could see him good enough.   He said, “I know you love me, but go vote.” They were trying to get people to register to vote because yesterday was the deadline. They also encouraged people to vote before November 2.

It was a good experience. I love excitement, Obama and I liked being among all those college kids. I also had fun watching some little kids dancing to “Will I am.”

I’m doing my part by encouraging everyone to vote.  Here it is,”Go vote!”

I think it’s sad that people won’t take the responsibility to exercise this hard-fought American right. People have died in wars so you would have this right.  The least you can do is go out and vote. Show your support for the American way.

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