It’s a Nail Biter but Get Off my Telephone (I’ve never been so popular!)

The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads

The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ll be happy when this election is over. It’s not exactly making my life pleasant.

I live in Ohio, and the candidates just won’t stop calling me. First it was Sherrod Brown, and then it was Josh Mandel. Who knew I was going to be so popular?

Not only are people calling me on the phone, they are knocking on my door. They are giving me pamphlets, and telling me how excited they are about their candidates.  I have to admire their tenacity,  but I’m not answering the door until election day is over.

On TV, the talking heads are reduced to talking about the candidates with Body Language experts. Why was Obama’s head tilted to the left? Why did Romney raise his chin?  It’s reminds me of the George Orwell book, 1984. Thought police were going around checking out the population.

Why didn’t “the super pacs”  take all the money they spent on all those annoying advertisements and start reducing the deficit with it.

Do, go out and vote. By now, you ought to know there is a difference between the candidates. Don’t let other people affect your life!

What do you think?

4 thoughts on “It’s a Nail Biter but Get Off my Telephone (I’ve never been so popular!)

  1. Oh to live in a swing state. You are one of the few states that matter in the election. There is something fundamentally wrong with the system. Ebony Mom Politics

  2. Thanks Ebony Mom for answering! I do enjoy your blog also. Living in a swing state is really fun if you like getting phone calls and answering doorbells. It will be interesting to see who wins! I hope all the pollsters will be proven wrong and the right man wins by a landslide!

  3. I share your misery, since Colorado is also a swing state. This has been a long, miserable, crazy-making year. I’m likely to put the phone through the wall the next time it rings (I’m afraid to turn it completely off.) I got a new cell phone and the first call the first day was from some politician; of the ten or so since then, only one has been legitimate. My mailbox overflows with their ads, my porch is littered with them. On TV I have to watch 5 minutes of competing political ads to get 6 minutes of my show; rinse and repeat. The news channels seem to think the election is the only thing in the world worth talking about. And with a current dead heat both nationally and in Colorado, I’m verging on a nervous breakdown if the wrong guy wins.

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