Why do privileged kids use drugs? Case in point: Stephanie Bonjiovi ( Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter)

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


drugs (Photo credit: the|G|™)

What is wrong with people? Why would an obviously rich beautiful girl with everything she ever wanted be using or experimenting with heroin. I’m talking about Stephanie Bonjiovi,  daughter of rock star,  Jon Bon Jovi.

Why do these kids keep using drugs?

There is so much warning against all this, yet, they still do it. If you have half a brain, you know that this leads to destruction, pain, and a general stupor. Hey, all you have to do is watch TV. Intervention, Dr. Drew, etc. You have to believe our society really is sick. Was there a time when people didn’t do this? Was there a time when they didn’t want to escape?  ( I can almost understand people leading miserable lives escaping, but privileged people?)

I worked in a drug and alcohol facility in a minor job for a while. I spoke to addicts. They referred to all their ingesting of drugs as “partying.”  I couldn’t believe the number of them who would smile remembering how fabulous shooting themselves up felt. Most of them refused to believe it was a problem.

Maybe they should switch the name from partying to  “killing yourself.” It doesn’t sound as great to say, “I was out killing myself the other night with my friends. We wanted to see which one of us could die first? It was so much fun!” Do these people sound like complete fools to you?

Many of the people I met were ordinary people , and from all walks of life, but once they got into that world they couldn’t get out. You knew that coming to the drug facility wasn’t going to work for many of them. You knew they were going to come back. It’s a hard thing to stop. Isn’t that common knowledge? 

None of the people I spoke with were particularly happy, especially the ones going to jail. Especially the ones who humiliated themselves to get drugs. I heard some horrible stories. People who were given drugs at 4 or 5. People who were expected to get their parents drugs. Poverty, sickness, stealing, and everything in between.

I just don’t get it. Why can’t we get these kids to stop trying to get a thrill out of anesthetizing themselves?

How many warnings do people need?

Why do you think drugs are persisting despite all the warning against them? I’d appreciate your comments. I really want to know.



2 thoughts on “Why do privileged kids use drugs? Case in point: Stephanie Bonjiovi ( Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter)

  1. I don’t know why people take drugs.i think everybody has their own story and sometimes people that have everything are just looking for gappiness they can’t find.I love Bon Jovi and feel for his family.

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