Les Miserable

If you’ve never seen the Broadway play of Les Miserable, maybe you’ll appreciate this clip from a 10th anniversary special. These were all the professionals who played the main parts.

I did enjoy the movie, but I was a little haunted by all the big voices I was used to hearing when I saw it live. This play is a particular favorite of mine.    I’ve seen it several times. What do you think?

8 thoughts on “Les Miserable

  1. Great clip Barb. I loved the movie: Anne Hathaway and Eddie Redmayne were particularly good in my opinion. I do agree with you about some aspects of the lead vocals but think that the strength of acting and story telling is brilliant. The movie can do things that a stage performance can never accomplish and for that reason alone, I love both!

    • Thanks! I guess I only think they miscast Russell Crowe although his acting was good. His voice was just average. However, I didn’t think he was as bad as people said, so I was a little surprised.

  2. I am learning to accept different styles of music and this is one style I still need to work on. One of the ladies in a group I belong to would be happy to know I DID watch and listen to this clip. I am amazed with the projection of voices without many aids. Thank you for challenging.

    • This was just a matter of becoming familiar with the music before seeing the play. My daughter brought it home when she was around 12. We all listened to it, and then went and saw the play. It was a nice family memory, and my kids were too little to see the play. You should go see the movie.

  3. Hi,
    I have heard so much about the movie that I will probably go and see it. Too bad I couldn’t get a sneak peek at the film by looking at your review. Unfortunately the GEMA here in Germany didn’t allow it.


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