Where do you think ghosts and spirits hang out? I want your ghost stories!

Life is strange. The older you get, the more you are reminded that our time on earth is temporary. It doesn’t matter how important or unimportant you are.  Someday, you’re going to have to say goodbye.

The last uncle I have passed away. He went in the middle of a meal surrounded by friends and family. He was 97. The man was as healthy as a horse; unfortunately, his mind wasn’t exactly working right. He wasn’t aware of it and still enjoyed life. At least he happily died, surrounded by friends and family. I think that would be the perfect way to go.

I attended his funeral. It wasn’t too sad because 97 is stretching it. The trouble is I’m in my 60’s, so going to funerals makes me realize my time on earth is limited.  Most of my friends are still above ground with me, but I have lost a few.

After the funeral,  the family went all over the cemetery visiting dead relatives. I am not sure about this. I guess if you want to remember them, it’s a good thing to do.  I don’t know if there are spirits there or not. I’m pretty skeptical, but it wouldn’t surprise me all that much. I’m thinking if you’re a spirit you’d probably want to hang out at more interesting places. A cemetery is a little too quiet for me.

I like the idea of surviving in one way or the other after you physically die.  I mean who wants it all to come to an end? Unfortunately, none of my deceased relatives have visited me. I think the coolest thing would be get a light or sign. I’ve known people who said that really happened to them. People who are logical, intelligent and not the type to make things up.

My Great Aunt

When I was little, a Great-Aunt would visit from California,  and my dad would take her to a cemetery to visit her “friends.” I used  to tag along. My father would say, “she has more friends in the cemetery than she does in other places.” I liked looking at the headstones. There was a picture of a little boy on one of the headstones and he was holding a drum. I could count on paying a visit to the “Little Drummer Boy” when Auntie made her annual visit to Ohio.

So, when I go to the cemetery it doesn’t really bother me. What does bother me it that almost all the older relatives I used to visit in their homes are under the ground; it’s pretty surreal. It makes me realize I’m fast approaching the age my “old Auntie” was when we accompanied her on her yearly pilmigrage,

I just can’t get much satisfaction over looking at the headstone of a favorite relative. They just aren’t going to answer back when I talk to them.  I do it anyway because you never know. They just might be listening.

English: Old Jewish Headstone, Hull, East Ridi...

English: Old Jewish Headstone, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England. These old Jewish headstones with Hebrew inscriptions are in the disused Hessle Road cemetery TA0828 : Hessle Road Jewish Cemetery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you think? Any good ghost stories?

9 thoughts on “Where do you think ghosts and spirits hang out? I want your ghost stories!

  1. I like your story Barbara mostly because I’ve been greatly influenced by my late grandmother. When she was alive she told ghost stories and we experienced some strange happenings as children when all the cousins would spend summers with them. She was psychic and had some scary ghost stories for us at the time.

    One of the stories on my WordPress site is called “That Special someone” (http://plaintalkandordinarywisdom.com/?p=33). If you can’t read it clearly there, you can read it from my old blogger site from where it was moved at http://plain-talk-ordinary-wisdom.blogspot.com/2008/01/that-special-someone.html.

    Too many others to share here but have always loved talking about ghosts and the paranormal.

      • Thank you for stopping by Barbara and reading. I remember a story my grandmother told us. My grandparents still lived in the same house where this happened and where my mother grew up. Because my grandmother was psychic she was very comfortable talking about her loved ones who passed on. It was never something she had a fear of or freaked out about.

        The story she told us was about one night when it was late and grandpop was still sleeping. She heard a knock at the front door and got up to answer. She didn’t turn any lights on as she came to the top of the stairs where she could see the front french door with it’s lace curtains. You could see someone at the door in the night with the light cast behind from the street light.

        My grandmother recognized the person knocking at the front door as her mother. My grandmother came down the stairs to turn on some lights and answer the door when she disappeared. Moments later my grandmother got a phone call that her mother had just passed away.

        This is one of the many stories she told us as well as experiencing first-hand events when she predicted a death in the family and there was. She always knew — never wrong. We always got a weird feeling in our stomachs when it happened. That coupled with their backyard connected to a funeral home made for some interesting, spooky times growing up — young kids with their imaginations running wild.

        Last summer my cousin visited the old homestead with it’s current owners. She talked with the mother and sons at the front door and asked them if they ever heard weird noises in the house. After my cousin asked that question the boys tensed up with funny looks on their faces and stepped away. I guess there’s still some activity going on there.

  2. I never knew the ghost, but a copies years ago when I lived in New Jersey, my wife spent all weekend in the basement doing laundry. This house we bought 3 years before was an old house from the 30s, and I am sure had many owners. On Monday morning I rose before her and went down into the the kitchen to make breakfast. You have to access the basement through the kitchen. As I almost finished making breakfast, out of the corner of my eye I notice someone pass me and went down into the basement. The person had no physical resembling of my wife, but she had a laundry basket and a sweater, because it was winter and cold. When I finished breakfast, I waited for her come up from the basement, but she did not. Because I have to leave for work, I assumed she had more washing to do, and would not come up for a while. To my surprise, when I went upstairs I found my wife in our bed sleeping. A sudden chill came over me, to realized I was in the presents of a ghost.

  3. As you know, of course, I speak to spirits….my most recent conversation with a spirit happened when I was talking with my client by phone in Key West, Fl. Suddenly, I felt an apparition surrounding me, and she spoke to me, telling me her name was Eloise. When I mentioned this name to my client, she exclaimed, “oh, my G-d, we loved Eloise”, and before she could say anything else, Eloise continued speaking to me and said, “she and her girls loved my fried chicken”…which I passed on to my client…she laughed and cried and we continued to talk about Eloise for awhile. Sprits come around when they want and need to be heard and loved and remembered. You do not have to be walking through a cemetary to feel the spirit of a loved one; however, the cemetary often evokes memories that will sharpen images of the past.

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