This woman at 109 knows the secrets of life

Even though this is 8 minutes long, it is worth watching. It will make you smile. Hint: she sees the glass as more than half full. It seems so simple, but I think we’ve lost that optimism.  In her day, she was an accomplished pianist.

She doesn’t live in the past. She embraces the here and now. That is also very cool. This was made last year. She is now 109 years old.

Tell me your reaction to this interview. What do you think is the secret to a long, happy life?

9 thoughts on “This woman at 109 knows the secrets of life

    • I did a story on someone who was trying to do a story on the Holocaust. (It’s on here somewhere). I was trying to actually sell it to a magazine and hopefully help raise money for a documentary. It ended up in the little newspaper I work for. I was amazed that many of these people had been in a concentration camp that took artists and musicians. (They were trying to fool the world and it worked.). Anyway, I was surprised at how many of these people, who had suffered so much, weren’t bitter, and appreciated their lives.

  1. Hi,
    I took the time to look at this eight minute video and I am so happy that I did. This woman says it all. I am myself a musician. I sing because I have been given an extraordinary voice to sing. I do concerts here in Europe. When I sing, time stops. There is no time. I am elevated into another world and it is beautiful. I have chosen some time ago to forgive all all costs, to not hold grudges and to see the good things in people and life even though I often experience trials that say the opposite.
    Like Alice, my favorite composer is Beethoven. I fell in love with him in the ninth grade. His Moonlight Sonata speaks to the innermost parts of my soul and spirit.
    So thank you for putting this video of Alice on your website. I can only say a wholehearted Amen to everything she has said.
    May she continue to live long and prosper in life.

    • I’d love to hear your voice! Do you have something that you can post. I like the way you look at it. You were gifted with it. That’s beautiful. So nice to hear from you! Thank you for your wonderful comment!

      • Hi,
        I was extremely busy getting my manuscript ready for submission to the James Jones First Novel Literary Contest. The deadline was February 28. I made the deadline and then it took me another week to find myself minus that stress.

        I have five or six songs on my website. Three of them I wrote myself. Website address is Please go to the menu under The Voice and you will see CD tracks. Click on CD Tracks and it will take you to my music.

        I hope you like it.

        Have a great week.


      • You weren’t kidding you can really sing! Is there a way to share the tracks of you Cd’s on my blog? That’s amazing. I’d love to interview you for my blog too.

      • Hello,

        Thank you. Simple words but I mean them from my heart. If you would like, I’d be glad to send you two or three songs per email and then you can download them into iTunes. As for the interview, I would be honored, just let me know when, because I am in the middle of practicing for concerts for this year and the month of April I would like to participate in A to Z Blog Campaign.

        Hoping you have a great day, my friend.


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