Pleasure Guild’s excellent production of” Peter Pan” provokes memories and thoughts!

Peter Pan 1915 cover 2

Peter Pan 1915 cover 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pleasure Guild sponsored an excellent production of “Peter Pan.”  This is a group that raises money for Children’s Hospital in Columbus. One way they do this is to produce a play.  The play was an amateur production, but seemed professional to me.  I loved it so much I put a few dollars in the Children’s Hospital’s  bucket after the show was over.

All of the actors are amateurs who did a terrific job. The choreography was fantastic. The main characters are all actors who’ve been in productions before, but there were children, who couldn’t have had much experience. The acting and singing were just perfect. They didn’t miss a step or a note!

Emily Cipfiani  who played Peter Pan was convincing.  She had a tremendous voice. (I’d read in The Columbus Dispatch that she suffered from juvenile arthritis. You would never know it by her flying and dancing.)

The actors who played Captain Hook (Doug Joseph)  and Wendy (Kelly Hogan) were particularly talented. They had those characters down perfectly.

I was impressed with everything: scenery, costumes, flying and music.

Thoughts the production provoked

This is a very old story. The first time I watched this I was a little girl. I know I liked it then, but for different reasons. I wanted to be like Wendy and fly. “Never Never Land” seemed appealing to me at the time.  I liked the amusing conflicts between the pirates, Indians and Captain Hook.  Peter Pan made a great hero. I truly believed in Tinkerbell. The music charmed me, just like it did in this production!

Now, that I am getting older, the play hit different chords. Do I wish I could go back to childhood and never grow up? (Maybe just for a day)   Can I even remember what it was like to be a child?  Hardly, but those good memories are ones I treasure.

At the end of the play, the grownups were bemoaning the fact that their children were gone. That touched a nerve. Your children eventually grow up and you and  go barely remember their childhoods. They leave one way or the other. We all want them to grow up, but it is a little sad, just the same.

There’s nothing like a good play to touch your heart.

Good job Pleasure Guild!

Did you see the play? What is your opinion?  What memories does “Peter Pan” evoke for you?

4 thoughts on “Pleasure Guild’s excellent production of” Peter Pan” provokes memories and thoughts!

  1. Thank you for the sweet review! I was in the cast (Indian) and reading this post made my day. Being in the musical was much like being in Neverland – magical, unreal, full of fabulous characters. Part of me wanted to stay there forever! 🙂

    • I was hoping someone from the cast would read my review. Feel free to share it with others. My daughter used to participate in productions for children, and this was truly the best one I’ve ever seen! I really enjoyed every minute of it. (And I didn’t expect to like it so much).

  2. Hi, this is Kelly Hogan! I agree, such a wonderful review – thanks! I am nineteen years old, and even though I am at the age where I am forced to be mature in many situations, I still like to think of myself as a kid at heart. Peter Pan is one of my favorite stories because of the wonderful message it sheds about growing up, and how even though we all eventually have to do it (unless you’re Peter Pan!), it is important we still hold on to the child we used to be, and keep that close to our hearts.

    • Good job Kelly. Never thought this review would reach the principals. You’re right, we should hold on to the child we used to be. I look forward to seeing more of Pleasure Guild’s productions.

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