I’ve been out of touch with some TV and it’s probably a good thing! Yuck


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Some of the TV shows on cable television are shocking. I started watching some tonight while I tried to crochet. I figured I could listen and figure out what I was doing at the same time. It really didn’t work.  I ended up ripping out my crocheting, but I realized TV has come a long way. A long way downwards.

I won’t pretend I don’t watch TV, and  that some of my choices aren’t  terrific.  I seem to like competitions and weight shows.  I am a regular viewer of Jon Stewart and the Colbert show.  I used to watch the news shows, but they are just people repeating the same things over and over. The news isn’t too good lately anyway.  Talk about a rehash fest.  It’s nothing like the newscasters of old who actually seemed qualified  to comment on the World’s events.

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Tonight, I listened to Kim and  whoever Khardasian live in Miami.  They eat at fancy restaurants, and run around being famous.  I won’t even tell you what they were discussing on the show tonight. It was too gross.

The husband of one of the sisters seems as dumb as a box of rocks. However, I guess he’s smart enough to live with the Khardasian’s and just play. He doesn’t seem to have a job or anything like that. He also was harassing his girlfriend (a Khardasian)  because she weighed 115 pounds instead of 95. She hadn’t taken off her “baby weight” yet. Yes, they have two children, of course, they’re not married.  I am guessing they deserve each other.

I know the Khardasians are wildly popular and have tons of followers on Twitter. Why is this? They are attractive girls, but exactly what do they do?  I guess their show gives the viewers a chance to pretend they’re famous for doing absolutely nothing. What would it be like to have all that money?

I realized that I must be out of touch with society if this is what is going on in real life. Are people really acting like this?  This TV watching was even worse than the Fox channel which I didn’t think was possible.

Then I watched ( and listened) to  some other disgusting shows. They weren’t trying to be reality shows.  Writers actually write this stuff. Are they high on drugs or drunk when they do this?

All they were talking about was sex. How to do it, and who to do it with, what positions to use. They also loved describing body parts. It reminded me of a sophisticated version of sixth grade jokes.  I didn’t get much of a story going on here. Many of the characters were shallow, superficial, and not very likable.

I didn’t get any inspiring type of messages, or positive feelings.
One of the shows I do  watch is “Shameless”, but some of the stuff is getting to rank for me. I will probably keep watching it because there is enough good acting  going on to keep me interested. They do touch on some issues.  Some of the story lines turn me off. (An Indian with a sexual perversion problem, a daughter using her mother to help her have a baby.) Maybe I’m missing something.

Am I just getting old, or has the morality of society really gone down the tubes. It doesn’t seem that we can get much lower than this.

I’m thinking maybe I’d be better off without TV.   But, like many people, I am addicted.  I guess that makes me no better than Kim and her sister taking Miami or whatever they were supposed to be doing.

What do you think about TV?

11 thoughts on “I’ve been out of touch with some TV and it’s probably a good thing! Yuck

  1. You need different choices. Try BBC America or Al Jazzira (probably mispelled) for news. I agree, the news is rehash and gossip. Who cares. Try Public television and some some of the non-network stations for programming. As far as network goes, I like “New Girl.” The humor is a bit raunchy, but so clever. It’s like the old “That Girl” (Marlo Thomas) only edgy. As far as the Kardashians go: Blechk.

  2. There is a lot of garbage on tv, but I love Jeopardy, Person of Interest, NCIS, and mystery/problem solving shows. I really don’t care what stars can dance or how many days a Kardasian can stay married. And, what the heck is a Honey Boo-Boo. Who watches that dribble?

    • I wrote about Honey Boo Boo on my blog, and it’s gotten the most hits of anything I wrote. Sad, but true. Maybe deprived people makes us all feel superior. I don’t know. I watched it once. That was enough for me.

  3. As far as TV shows are concerned, I enjoy: ABC’s “Scandal” and “Nashville” and Fox’s “Touch.” On Cable, I enjoy HBO’s”Enlightened” with Laura Dern and I have just started watching “Girls,” which has way too much nudity and sex. I can’t stand looking at William Macy’s character on “Shameless.” I, too, enjoy Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and I love the interviews conducted by Tavis Smiley and Charlie Rose on PBS. I watch as much PBS as I can, especially the “American Masters” series. There is a fascination of viewing other people’s lives and the Kardashians are greatly profiting as well as some other “reality” tv shows. I’m not sure what it says about society.

    • I do like Charlie Rose. As far as Shameless goes, I do like William Macy’s acting. I find him quite amusing. And I think there are manipulative people like him out there. I do like Dontown Abbey too. Pbs is good!

      I have to admit I do like some of the reality shows like “Biggest Loser”. It’s actually motivated me to lose weight, but I still think they’re exploiting the people on it. I imagine most of them immediately gain their weight back when they stop exercising 4 hours a day. It has gotten me to go to the gym everyday.

      I just remember the days when we all used to gather around the TV to watch good TV programming like “Roots.” and some of the other superior mini-series.

  4. I totally agree, it turns my stomach, I avoid watching garbage like that. Seriously, is that the best they can put on tv? I’m not sure whether tv is actually dumbing down the viewers or they are being forced to dumb down because the viewers are getting stupider.

  5. My husband and I don’t even subscribe to cable TV. We just have a converter box which lets us watch local channels and PBS…which is fine with us because there is to much “trash” on TV now days and I don’t want to waste my time watching it much less paying to watch it. There are a few shows like NCIS, etc. that we enjoy…but honestly I am concerned with all the violence even on these shows as I often think it just helps create more violence outside of the TV. My husband and I are 62 years ‘young’ and we hate what is happening in the world these days. What is being played on TV is just a small part of the terrible changes happening in the world but we do believe it does influence these changes that are not for the better. There’s better things to do with your time and mind than waste it on trash and filth. If we’re being “dumbed down” it’s because we’re allowing that to happen to us. We can always choose to turn off the TV and now days we don’t even have to get up from where we’re sitting to do that. I spend alot more time reading than I do watching TV and my husband and I like to play board games, etc. A WII system that we could buy games for like Jeopardy, sports games, etc. has been one of the best gifts we ever bought ourselves for Christmas one year. TV still has some good things going for it but you have to search for those good things now days.

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