Challenge for the week: Talk to a friendly stranger

Today I did something fun. I sat with a lady I didn’t know at Starbucks. There weren’t any seats and I asked if I could sit next to her.

I mentioned that when I was in Europe years ago, people sat together at tables. I found out that she was going to Germany next week, and originally lived there. She told me that she met her husband during WWII and he was a retired Air force man.  I found out she had a 17-year-old granddaughter, and was going to Europe next week. She talked about growing up in Germany. She told me a little bit about her life.

We started talking about the world situation and the trouble the military men have. Did you know the lower paid service man only make about $31,000 a year? I found out that they go on tour after tour. When they get out, they have to wait for benefits. In the old days they didn’t have to go on so many tours. I found out her husband fought in the first “Desert Storm” and was in Iraq for a year.

We also talked about other topics, and it was such an interesting conversation.  I found out her feelings about gun control. She thought it was important. She also pointed out that in some European  countries there are no guns and there is not as much violence.

It was time for me to go home, and I bid her farewell. It was time well spent.

I would’ve never known anything about this lady if I hadn’t asked if I could sit down.  Maybe she’ll find me in the cyber-world. I did tell her the name of this blog.

We’re all so connected to our phones, and our little worlds. What happened to the art of conversation? Everyone is so plugged into their own little world that we don’t look for opportunities to meet new people and learn new things.

It’s too bad. I think we’ve lost something important.

Talking about soldiers with a stranger.

Talking about soldiers with a stranger.

Challenge for the week: take a chance and introduce yourself to a total stranger. See, if you can broaden your horizons.

You just never know what you’ll find out!

Agree or disagree?


7 thoughts on “Challenge for the week: Talk to a friendly stranger

  1. I have been doing this for many years. I have met hundreds of interesting people. Some have become great friends, others just passing through, but all very interesting. There is no such thing as a stranger, just a friend you haven’t met yet.

  2. I agree, there isn’t the sense of community that there used to be. When we stop talking to each other a part of us dies, it’s called compassion and it leaves the world a darker place.

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