A glimpse at the Harmony Project

I belong to a terrific group, The Harmony Project. We sing, share and serve. Here is a video showing us getting ready for a performance.

This group doesn’t just sit and complain about the way things are; they do things.

This season we’re  planting trees, building a playground, and painting murals. That’s just a few things we’re doing this month!

We are also giving a musical performance May 15 and May 16 at the Southern Theater. You can contact me, or call Capa for tickets.

If you know me, see if you can spot me. I’m in the second row wearing purple glasses and a purple shirt!

As you can see, many of us are from the baby boomer generation, but there are people of all ages, races, and different points of view!

It is very cool. I feel like the baby boomers in this group are still holding onto our ideals. This included, peace, love, happiness, and harmony!

5 thoughts on “A glimpse at the Harmony Project

  1. Hi,
    This is absolutely wonderful, and if I was in the area, I would definitely attend. I love your director. He has life, and I can feel him pushing all of you to greater heights. The musicians are also marvelous, and one can see that the singers are lost in their world of music. Great sound. The concert will be fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Barb, so happy that you have found this outlet for your skills and energy! Only I missed you at my final, last, ultimate Koleinu rehearsal for Yom Ha’atzmaut!

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