Technology going too fast for a girl born in 1950

Oh good grief, now they’re selling google glasses. Now everyone will be walking around asking themselves questions. It’s bad enough when they’re going down the street talking to unseen people.

Who knew this would ever happen. We won’t need friends anymore. We’ll have glasses.

Only $1,600 a pop.

My husband has phones in our home from the 1960’s. He is a person who keeps things going for

Samsung to Launch Smart Feature Phone “REX Ser...

Samsung to Launch Smart Feature Phone “REX Series” in Emerging Markets (Photo credit: samsungtomorrow)

years at a time. This, I suppose, is rare these days.

I, on the other hand, would like a smart phone. I keep finding ones that trump the other ones, so I can’t make a decision. I am walking around with an ancient Verizon dumb phone. It’s a couple of years old, and I don’t have a contract on it. I hate those contracts.

I found a Samsun that has 13 pixels, so now I want that one. I don’t even know what a pixel really is, but I know the picture on the camera is a lot nicer.

I couldn’t wait to get my Macbook, but now at 4 years old it’s getting old.

Naturally, I want a pair of those glasses.

I guess I just want to feel like I belong in the 21st century. Can a woman raised in the 20th century adapt to modern times?

What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Technology going too fast for a girl born in 1950

  1. My George is like yours. I got him an iPhone and forced him into the 21st century when I got a new job. “No one talks on the phone anymore. You have to learn to text”. He loves it; especially the shared lists and shared calendar.

    • I don’t think we have the same type. My husband is stubborn, and barely texts. He is technically adept, but just refuses to go there. He has a dumb phone like me, and does text on it if he absolutely has to! He loves the tiny Acer he bought 5 years ago, and it works perfectly for him. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hi, Yes, I think we can adapt to the new technology, if we want to. I don’t want the new Google glasses, I’m having enough trouble uploading my videos from my iphone 5 and then putting them on youtube.

  3. I feel the same way, can’t seem to keep up with technology. The moment I upgrade, or finally learn how to use my new gadget, something new hits the market. Then, once again I’m three steps behind. But I’ve learned, I’ll never keep up with technology, so I must make the most of what I have and can afford to upgrade. Now those google glasses, well not something that crossed my mind. I’ve been wearing prescription glasses since kindergarten.

    • Since I wrote this, my computer’s battery died, and I’m waiting for another one. Yikes. Who would’ve thought I’d ever be so interested in technology. I’d probably trip over the sidewalk while wearing those glasses! Thanks for your comment!

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