Love and Acknowledgement Award/ Wonderful Team Award

This song has followed me around for years. The first time I heard it I was about 20, and Sly and the Family Stone were singing it. So, I always thought it was their song.

The next time I revisited this song, my son-in-laws cover band, Soul Kitch’n was playing it. Naturally, I thought they did the best version. He can play a mean guitar, and the soloist, Victoria Bordner, really plays it.

Since belonging to “The Harmony Project” (sing, share and serve in Columbus) this has been a song we sing. And we really feel like family!

So, you could say, “I love this song” Listen to the words!

Who I am

English: Team of German blog Riesenmaschine at...

http://mygulitypleasures.wordpress.comwonderful team award

Vivi a very close friend of mine nominated me for this Wonderful Team Award.

Do you have any idea how it gives me goose bumps to know that I am accepted and a part of a wonderful team of bloggers? We are family. There is no doubt about it.

People with interesting and creative minds. Coming together as one unit. Having the ability to express ourselves through words and pictures. Being unafraid to share what is in our hearts. Knowing that no one shall criticize us for how we feel at this very moment. Sharing what our plans for the future are. Being able to trust that we can speak of our internal pain and know we are understood.

Thank-you so much Vivi. I have accepted this award once already, so I will not go into the rules of it. This reminds me of a song that I always…

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