Homeless in America: the HBO special: The Orange county kids

Last night I watched the show, “Homeless in America.” It was about the working poor who were living in a hotel in Orange County, California. It focused on the family’s children.

The families they focused on had jobs: one lady worked as a nurses aid, one guy worked at Target, and other jobs working from 9-12.00 an hour. They were the working poor.

This hotel wasn’t the best environment for the kids. They could tell you in detail who was taking drugs, and why the police were coming. It was sad that such little kids were so worldly.

The documentary showed how these kids had to share spare living quarters with their families. They had to keep their clothes in crowded spaces. (One family had 4 little dogs living with them. This made no sense. Why would she be feeding dogs when her kids were in such need? Never owned a dog, I don’t quite get it.)

The rest of the people were really trying to stress values. I thought one mother was way too

hard on her daughter about her report card. She passed to the next grade, but she had a lot of “Satisfactory’s ” I might have missed something, but under the girl’s circumstances, she shouldn’t have been pounded for not being a straight A student. I don’t think making your kid cry is the best way to encourage them. At least the mom had some expectations of her child.

The most poignant part of the show was when the kids went dumpster diving after a family was evicted. This very cute little boy was so pleased to have come up with a few trinkets that he could use as toys. His mother was telling him to get out of the dumpster, but she was letting him gather a few things. You could just feel her distress.

Most of these parents were working their heads off trying to get ahead. They weren’t lazy. So much for that idea.

The kids were going to a school set aside for homeless kids in California. I think that’s the best idea I saw. They didn’t have to be embarrassed about hardly having any clothes or being hungry. the good thing is the school got food, so they didn’t have to be hungry.

Poor children are nothing new

I was a long-time employee of a school district, and I saw plenty of poor troubled kids. It’s hard to concentrate when your hungry and up half the night with no supervision. The kids I knew were a lot worse off than these kids. Many of them were left to figure things out completely on their own. It didn’t make things easy in the classroom.

What’s wrong with this country? Shows are on TV talking about this problem. The news is more interested in talking ad nauseam about serial killers, murder, and proving incompetence in the administration.

Not enough people are really that interested in these kids. There was some dedicated teachers, but due to governmental cuts, 2 had to be dismissed.

I think all the whiners, including congress, should try to live on minimum wage for a year. How about residing in a homeless shelter with their families. How about going without food for a day or two? It might be tricky if you’re trying to work over-time and raise a family.

What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Homeless in America: the HBO special: The Orange county kids

  1. It’s truly shameful. Disneyland charges over $80 for kids and over $90 for adults to go to the “magic kingdom, and these kids are living in motels steps away. It’s truly impossible to live on minimum wage and feed your kids. What a country!

  2. I saw the doc, too, and that one family with the 4 dogs also struck me as odd. We all know how expensive pets are to maintain…how can you keep 4 dogs? It’s also unsanitary. Unfortunately, the govt.(under many presidents) talks a good game in saying they care about kids, but the the truth is the truth and it was quite evident in this doc that the powers that be have failed and continue to fail when it comes to taking care of and educating its most vulnerable citizens.

  3. We moved from Georgia to Texas because, we were not making it in Georgia. I do not know how hard it is to move for some, and I did not see the program, but if they work, they should have gotten back tax refunds. We use this money to move.

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