The first swim: Sharing a favorite activity with a seventh-month old baby

Today, my daughter took the baby to the pool for the first time. After waiting for his highness to be suited up appropriately, he finally came out of the dressing room accompanied by both his parents.  His dad had an appointment, so he only hung around long enough to take some “first” pictures. 

My husband couldn’t wait to get his hands on the baby. He always liked to play with our own children in the water. Those golden days are long gone, but who can forget the days when your children thought you were fantastic. The days when they only wanted Mommy and Daddy. 

So my husband and I both got in the baby pool section, and foolishly kicked our hands and feet so the baby could get the idea of what he was supposed to do. He looked confused.  Although we told him it was just a big bathtub, he wasn’t buying into it. Maybe he looked so puzzled because his grandparents were acting like complete fools. He did kick his feet his hands and feet a little. His Daddy was fully clothed on the side of the pool snapping pictures. But the baby never cracked a smile. He was intently trying to figure things out. Maybe he is going to be a cautious person.  At this point, who knows?  

He went along for the ride when my daughter played with him in the water. . He did watch my husband blow bubbles which isn’t the smartest thing my husband could have done. After all, seven month old babies like to taste everything. Chlorinated water probably looks very appealing. 

 He seemed pretty relieved when his mom, me  and grandpa wrapped him in towels and cuddled him. He found putting the edge of the lounge chair with a toy in his hand most satisfying.   He really liked sitting on my lap and watching his mother swim laps across the pool. As I said, “swim mommy swim” he bounced up and down. I think he could’ve stayed at the side of the pool watching everything going on for hours. This is one laid back child. 

We took him back in the dressing room, and changed his diaper and clothes. (He does a lot of daily clothing changes.) We put him in his car seat, and he protested. I rocked the carrier back and forth while his mom gathered all his stuff up: diaper bag, bathing suits, etc. It took him only a few minutes to fall asleep. After all, he is still a baby. 

I think next time we go, he’ll get more into it. But, I don’t want to rush it. 



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