The baby turns into a young toddler

I give up. Im finally just reblogging the post. After all this time , you’d think I’d figure out how to share it.

Grandmother Diaries

This weekend we got to spend the weekend with the little one. He is now furniture walking and he is also walking with a baby walker. It won’t be long till he lets go. He is also standing up in his crib which makes it harder to encourage him to take naps.

I have spoiled him . I was afraid he wouldn’t feel comfortable in the spare room, so I lay down on the small couch in his room and pretend I’m going to sleep too. I don’t know how much longer he’s going to buy into that charade. So far, it’s working.

He is doing some cute things. He holds up his arms and says “up please.” I scoop him up and give him a tour of the house. I do this every time he comes over. Then we go outside and look at the apple trees, flowers, and…

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