Why do I feel so bad about Joan River’s passing?

I guess I’ve been watching Joan Rivers for years. Her caustic sense of humor made me laugh. But she’s not a person I would’ve probably befriended in real life.

After all, she was mean. She insulted all the beautiful people. She even insulted herself. Why is that appealing to me? I’m not sure. Maybe because I know I’m never going to be rich and famous. I don’t think life is fair sometime. Don’t we all want to have the good life? So sticking it to the lucky ones gave me a little satisfaction.

Her fascination with plastic surgery verged on being really sick. Apparently, she didn’t like her looks, and had no desire to age. And she didn’t. I would say she got too carried away with the whole thing. I think she would’ve looked better with a few wrinkles.

I liked the way she took care of her body and she was a fashionista! I loved her lines of jewelry and clothes although they didn’t fit into my folksy lifestyle. She also ran around without a walker and cane, and looked like she had boundless energy.

I even bought an inexpensive watch from her on qvc. Every single time I wore it, people would compliment it, so I guess she did know what she was doing as far as fashion goes. (The strap kind of fell apart, but nobody is perfect.)

I did admire her relationship with her daughter and grandson. That lovehttp://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/hp.asp was out there for everyone to see. Her daughter’s devotion was impressive. Her honesty about her husband’s suicide, and how it affected her was also appealing to me. The honest way she talked about it was gutsy.

Joan was just a person who wasn’t afraid of life, and she didn’t care what anyone thought of her.

Maybe we could’ve been friends after all. Rip Joan.


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