Starting to crack a new number and people are starting to notice. Now it’s about health instead of looks.

losing the last 40 pounds

I’ve been working on this body thing for a long time. I never thoughts at age sixty-four I’d still be worrying about my weight. Now, it’s about my health. You get to time starts to catch up.

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Grandma Barbie entertains Aidan, a cool 15 month old!

Grandmother Diaries

My little joy, Aidan, is already 15 months old. It seemed like I’d been waiting forever for him when he finally arrived at my house at 5:00 p.m. on Friday. I’d only been waiting for about 3 hours.  Can you tell I’m crazy about this child?

He came inside the house, and I immediately gave him the usual tour. Now, more and more he is making himself understood. He is not talking in coherent sentences yet, but some of his words I get. Don’t think they are not listening when their babies. It’s weird when you hear your own words coming back right at you.

I  was a little concerned about his mommy leaving him with her old parents. Was he going to cry as if his heart would break? After she did leave, he did go around the house calling mama and dadda for a few minutes.  I didn’t…

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