How to clean the Great Chandelier at the Ohio Theater

The Ohio Theater in Columbus, Ohio, is a grand, refurbished theater. Marcus Loew built the theater in 1928.  (Tragically, he died months before it opened.) It was slated for demolition in the late 60’s, but saved by a group of caring people,

The group that saved the theater is called CAPA, Columbus Association for the performing arts. They saved it months before the wrecking ball was going to start swinging !

The theater’s decor is elaborate, and one of the treasures is The Grand Chandelier.  Every two years,  it is taken down for cleaning.  According to the Ohio Theater website, “the chandelier is lowered for a thorough cleaning and light bulb change which takes 2 hours to bring down and requires 7 people to operate the crank. There are 99 lights inside the chandelier and some 299 candle lights arranged around the ornate fixture.”

The Assistant Volunteer Coordinator for CAPA, Sheri McLane took the following pictures. “It shimmered and shook and was slow motion excitement,” said Sheri.



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