The Pope Tells Congress to Grow Up

Pope Francis addressed Congress today, and I was very impressed with his message. It is things all civilized people have heard before, but it seems to always get lost. I have to qualify this by stating that I am not Catholic, but I have learned many of the principles in my own Jewish religion. I didn’t agree with every single thing he said, but I liked his positive message.
The Pope’s message was the antithesis to Donald’s Trump’s platform of negativity and name calling. The way things have been going in this country is alarming. Maybe this religious leader’s message will wake some people up!  Every member of congress,and the Supreme Justices seemed to be listening.

Pope Francis politely states the obvious to Congress who jusr don't get it.

Pope Francis politely states the obvious to Congress who just don’t get it.

The 50,000 people gathered outside the Capital in Washington D.C. were all listening. According to a newsperson outside, it was silent when the Pope was speaking.
If you missed it, this is a summary of some of these things he said:

“The children: a future of countless possibilities. Hopeless maze of violence, abuse and despair. Their problems are our problems. “

Many children in this country go to bed hungry every night.

“Martin Luther King’s march from Selma to Montgomery fulfilled the dream of full political rights to all Americans. The dream continues to inspire us all…”

All that violence this summer. We have to work on our relationships.

“Immigrants: We don’t fear foreigners in this continent, because we were foreigners. “

How I remember my own grandparents who spoke broken English, and were grateful to be living in American

Abolish death penalty: “every life is sacred… Offer encouragement hope, and rehabilitation.”

I don’t believe in the death penalty, but I don’t think everyone can be rehabilitated, but it is a good goal.

“My duty Is to build bridges, and help all women and men….Courage and daring. Not the same as responsibility. A good political leader always hopes to initiate the process.”

Bridges not walls. Good idea.

He also touched on progressive ideas about the environment and technology. 

This is just a snapshot of what Pope Francis said, a guy in tune with what should be obvious to us all.

It was refreshing to hear a positive and peaceful message.

A Holocaust Survivor’s Story

My best friend growing up, Ellen Jacob, had parents who had both been in the Holocaust. I knew Ellen was very close to her father. Every time I would see Mr. Nebel, he seemed kind, and I liked him.

I was really impressed with some of the things Ellen had at her house. When I would ask her about something, she would say, “Oh my Dad made that.” Even as a silly teenager who wasn’t very materialistic,  the furniture made an impression on me. After watching this video, I realize where he first learned his craft.

Yom Kipper, an important holiday on the Jewish calendar, is coming this week. It’s about forgiveness. It’s a time to forgive others and yourself.

Mr. Nebel passed long ago, and this interview, edited by Ellen, is quite emotional.

You will have to click on the link to get to it. It is worth your time, especially if you don’t know much about the Holocaust. As the years pass, the Holocaust gets

A picture of Holocaust victims from Poland.

A picture of Holocaust victims from Poland.

further and further away from us. It is a cautionary tale everyone should know about.


Do you practice age discrimination against your peers and yourself?

A beautiful, positive woman. my 93-year old Aunt Ruth

In this youth oriented society, it is not cool to be old. As someone I know said, It’s knowing what comes next.”

After turning 64 last year, I got the nerve to go into a Senior Center in my suburb which is mainly conservative. Not exactly my cup of tea, but why not?

I asked the director, “Am I too young to join this place.” She looked at me with a funny look; probably because I am way over 55 and don’t look as young as I think I do. So, I joined.

I joined the Senior Chorus, and its been a fairly good experience. They go sing at nursing homes

and rehab centers twice a month. I get to go out in the audience and talk to the people. It is community service. The people in the chorus are pretty nice, and it is fun. The music is just as old as the chorus, but there has only been one song in a year I never heard before. Most of the other songs I already know by heart. I know anyone under 50 would probably not know all the words like I do.

I am still not accepting my age.

Today, I went to a style show at the Center and positivity shone through 

Some members were  modeling clothes from a thrift store that gives their proceeds to cancer.

First, we said the “Pledge of Allegiance” which I haven’t said in a long time. (I wonder if my kids learned the words in school because they don’t say it anymore at schools.)

We ate this great meal because they all brought homemade stuff. Who can argue with that? I, not being exactly a cooking person, bought store-bought sugar-laden cookies.

A group from the chorus came out and sang an old song. They also did a little dance. One of the audience members was quietly laughing at them which I resented. It might not have been Broadway worthy, but at least they were trying!

The ladies came out and modeled the clothes, and they looked like a million bucks. They stood up straight acted proud, and smiled. Some of them wore those clothes beautifully. You still can look good after the age of 65. I guess it all has to do with a positive attitude.

The last model came out in a walker, and lip synced to the song, “Second Hand Rose.” That was a lady with a positive attitude and spirit. She was really giving it all she had.

Suddenly, I looked around and realized, like it or not, I fit in with this group. I am no spring chicken, but that doesn’t mean I’m less valuable than people younger than me. I think it’s too bad that this society devalues age so much, and I have to feel this way.

Inside I don’t feel old because I am physically active, and don’t take tons of medicine. I use exercise and singing as my defense against physically falling apart, and so far it’s working!

What do you think? How do you think people should accept their age. Should they join places like Senior Centers, or is that admitting you’re over the hill?

The enclosed picture is of a close relative of mine who is 93 years old. She has always looked at the bright side of life, and it shows.