Breaking in Grandma and Grandpa takes time

Grandmother Diaries


Our grandson is now 2 years and 8 months . No more baby! Two months ago he couldn’t press down on the Playdo plastic mold to make little figures. Now he can. Just like that! You can almost see that brain developing at triple speed.

He helps my husband make pancakes and cookie dough. He stands up at the counter and earnestly stirs the ingredients. He also talked me into letting him stand there to eat his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  (He’s quite a talker)

He likes to use crayons, paper and pencils. He prefers markers, but this was not a good idea. There were more markers on him than on the paper. (Quite colorful)

To change the pace, I downloaded a kid’s movement Cd. We were fire engines. We had to freeze when we got to the fire, then onto the next one. It was a sweaty workout! I…

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10 reasons to hang out with a 2 year old child

It's my cooking grandson

It’s my cooking grandson

1.  Most little ones do not want to take time off of their fun day to sleep.

2.  Nature delights them: chirping birds, squirrels, dogs, and cats.
3.  Physical pain is easily healed with hugs and kisses.
4.  As far as they know, fanciful characters on TV are real friends. Example (Thomas the Train).
5.  They can greet you with smiles and hugs.
6.  Running and kicking a ball can put a big smile on their faces.
7.  The finest food is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
8.  A brownie qualifies as a surprise. It’s extra special if they stir the batter.
9.  Playing with a flashlight fascinates them.

10.  As far as they know, the world is a beautiful, friendly and heavenly place.

Why do you like to hang out with your grandchildren or nieces and nephews?