21st Century Observations


1. People don’t talk on the phone, they text. Although it cuts to the chase, it is a little bit too impersonal for me.  Most people think it’s a great way to communicate.
2. The divide in our country, and disrespect for the presidency is not anything I remember from the good old days.
3. I still think it’s polite if a man opens the door for you, or acts courteous. I always say to such men, “I can tell your mama taught you well. I think it’s just polite. It doesn’t insult me one bit.
4. Everyone is buried in their phones. You can’t even start a conversation at the gym because everyone on the treadmill is either listening to the TV or plugged into their phones.
5. People at concerts, plays or movies who have their electronic stuff on. Bright lights shining at me while I’m trying to watch something drives me crazy. I wouldn’t dare say anything because I wouldn’t want anyone to shoot me.

6. The art of conversation seems to be on the decline. Maybe because everyone is buried in their phones.   I do it at home, but I try not to do it in public. As a matter of fact, I’m doing it right now on my IPad.

7.  Putting the baby before the marriage.   When I was at the beauty shop, I heard two girls saying it was better to have the baby first, and then get married. It’s acceptable to substitute the word “fiancée” for husband or wife.  (I’m not sure if this is smart or stupid, just different.)

8. A presidential candidate can be a bully, use terms like “loser”, and be leading the polls. I just hope he is not given the red box, the one that allows the nuclear bombs to go off.

9. Instead of saying “a chicken in every pot,” people are saying “a gun in every pocket.” It doesn’t make sense to me that arming ourselves to the teeth will do much more harm than good.

10. Treating law enforcement as the enemy instead of the protectors.

Having a father who took his police job very seriously, I just can’t believe they’re all bad. I’d hate to see what it would be like without them.

What do you think of anything I said? Do you agree or disagree?



One thought on “21st Century Observations

  1. I so agree with you. As an ExPat living outside of the USA, I am amazed at the disintegration and decline of values and morals that made us into the great country that we were.


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